Hey everyone, something that's had me thinking since the day i saw Levi in action was How fast is he?

in volume 7 of the AoT manga Levi is fighting the Female titan, he uses the enormous trees in the area to sneak up behind the Female titan, however she notices this and unleashes a right cross as she turns around. Levi just barely evades it, and then goes on to roll up her arm, doing so, cutting her arm multiple times in the process.

This is incredible, the way he reacts and takes action fitting for the situation in just seconds! maybe not even that.

Levi is about 13-15 meters behind the female titan, and assuming Levi used his 3DMG to its fullest, Levi's body would've been moving at a speed of 150-165km/h (100miles pr hour) when he dodges the fist.

As he is moving at that speed towards the Female titan she throws a punch at Levi, a professional boxer's cross is said to reach 40km/h (25 miles pr hour) the female titan is 8.23 times larger than the average human being causing her punches to be 2.87 times faster=115ish km/h

So basically Levi charges forward at 160km/h, sees the oncoming 115km/h punch and tumbles across her arm, slashing it in multiple spots. 

if you calculate the lenght of the arm, and the speeds this is happening at you will find that Levi spent about 0.097 seconds, if you count you see 7 cuts on her arm, which mean Levi swung his sword at a pace of one swing every 0.014 seconds!

Humans need a tenth of a second to react, which Levi broke by far. Is Levi human? :)

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