The raw and chinese version is already out.

-Spoiler alert- don't continue reading if you don't want to be spoiled

Eren and Hanji conducts an experiment to see if Eren can harden his skin in order to block the walls. Eren fails all attempts and starts losing his consciousness each time he transforms. He also becomes more exhausted and becomes a smaller titan each time. During his last attempt Eren begins to fuse with his titan, and his face begins to turn into his titan's face.  So new titan theories??

Eren begins to have flash backs of older memories. Who do you think that girl was? She looked awfully like Eren.

Erwin and Nile were once love rivals, interesting enough

Levi leads special op out in the streets. And suddenly random people kidnap Eren and Historia. Turns out Jean was posing as Eren again. And Armin was posing as Historia. Meanwhile Eren complains about Jean having a horse face looking nothing like him agian. One of the kidnappers is holding onto Armin and he's like i wanna hear your voice pretty little girl. o.O

Mikasa feels sorry for Armin. :(((

I think the next chapter is most likely them barging into the room try and get much info out of those kidnappers. Mikasa and Levi are gonna be working together again.

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