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    July 28, 2016 by LeviAckermanshipsereri

    I'm going to tell you why I believe that ereri could happen. First off, think about how many times Levi has save erens life: the trial, when his Titan form was merging with Annie, when a Titan almost ate him. I also want to include facts why eremika might not happen. He can be rude to Mikasa, she is his adoptive sister and I think sibling couples are common or even exist in the AOT realm. The only one problem I find with ereri is that if Levi saves Erwin instead of armin, he will begin to build a hate for Levi. my last few reasons are, isayama said Levi likes tall people and men are usually tall and woman are usually the same height or shorter than Levi. Levi calls Eren the best cleaner and his eyes lit up when Eren said he wants to join s…

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