• LizHoover

    SNK FanFic Character

    December 27, 2014 by LizHoover

    My Name Is Liz Hoover. I'm Bertolt's Sister. My birthday Is on December 10th. My Character is 16. She isn't so tall, in fact, she's Armins size. She Has Dark Brown Hair just below her shoulders and big, dark green eyes. Her Skin Town Is The Same As Bertolt's. She Doesn't make the top ten because she held back during training. She  Held Back because she has her heart set on the survey corps. She wanted other people who wanted to join the military police have a chance. She Has The Power to turn into a titan but is unaware of it, Alost Like With Eren. SheSurvives The Attack On Trost And Is One Of The Ones Who See Eren Appear From Inside Of The 'unique variant' titan. She Is Terribly Confused But Trusts Eren. She Afterwords Joins The SC And Is…

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