• Llama919 is a twitter page which tweets out news about SnK translated from japanese articles and updates from the producers at WIT and IG

    - This tweet claims to be a manga announcement, but this is written in regards to WIT and IG who produce the anime and NOT the manga, i figure this is a mistranslation, since manga and anime have similar definitions

    it says above, "stay tuned comic con." i was aware that there was a comic con going on in new york but i just assumed that the announcement would go live over in japan. But after doing some digging i found that there was no "comic-con" around the corner. Then this tweet went up to clarify.

    - Assuming that the mistranslation means that this is an anime announcement, and …

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  • Llama919

    According to various websites it has been confirmed that season 2 footage will tie in at the end of wings of freedom, although some sources say that there is supposedly season 2 footage in the recent trailer that was posted.

    I can't seem to see any trace of season 2 footage, but certainly new footage is in there that ties into the events of season 1.

    It is likely that the movie will end the same way that chapter ended, with the twist of "WALL ROSE HAS BEEN BREACHED" instead of the way season 1 left off with the "WALL TITAN" twist... Or maybe it may end the same way with a post credits teaser trailer for the upcoming season (release window please, it's unlikely but atleast give me a quarter release at that). That serves people right for leavi…

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  • Llama919

    The features of the Beast Titan look, to me, like they resemble Erwin's father. His intensions are completely understandable, considering he knew so much about the titans' history, and was a target for the military police, being killed by them (apparently).

    Being on the other side of the wall he seems likely to not have the assets to shave his aged hair and beard. I am quite confident about this theory and I'm sure I'm not the only one who believes this.

    There have been suggestions contradicting the appearance and comparison between the two. 

    Mr. Smith has a thin and elongated head with hooked nose, while the Beast Titan has triangular head with a straight nose ~ Manuel de la Fuente

     This reference photo looks like the earlier stages of his c…

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