FANDOM is a twitter page which tweets out news about SnK translated from japanese articles and updates from the producers at WIT and IG


- This tweet claims to be a manga announcement, but this is written in regards to WIT and IG who produce the anime and NOT the manga, i figure this is a mistranslation, since manga and anime have similar definitions

it says above, "stay tuned comic con." i was aware that there was a comic con going on in new york but i just assumed that the announcement would go live over in japan. But after doing some digging i found that there was no "comic-con" around the corner. Then this tweet went up to clarify.

- Assuming that the mistranslation means that this is an anime announcement, and that this was either a release date or trailer for season 2 (hopefully), im stuck here wondering why exactly they would make their debut in new york?

I'd appreciate if some one would help find the japanese or translated source of these tweets so we can get some harder evidence.

Also why is the crunchyroll simulpub countdown started 13 days ahead? when it only usually starts a day ahead...

lol im really conflicted right now

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