Is Bertolt's Colossal Titan form a wall titan

Bertolt is the only 60 meter titan even though all titan shifters are different from typical titans there has never been a titan near his size, We all know that the wall titans have to be incredibly large to make up the three walls and the Colossal is the only titan near that size and they both don't have skin. Is it possible that the Colossal is a wall titan? We have always thought that extreme titan steam was the Colossal's special ability but what if that's just a characteristic due to being extremely large? I think the Colossal's true ability is to be able to make a crystal like barrier like the wall titans produce to make the walls. He seems to have many similarities so I do think Bertolt or at least his titan form has some sort of connection with the wall titans. Tell me what you think and if you know any other similarities between them.

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