OHNO SPOILERS WARNING! This blog post contains spoilers!
Major plot details follow. Don't continue if you are not up to date with the events of this topic.

This is not my review, as I haven't seen the movie yet, but Hope Chapman from Anime News Network did it and wrote an interesting critic that I want to share. Some points I can address from it:

  • Eren and Mikasa are apparently confirmed to be a couple in the movie.
  • The story takes place in the future of our timeline, that's why there are RPGs, tanks and even airplanes.
  • The Walls were built by humans, so probably there's no First King, Coordinate, Wall Titans, etc.
  • It is a pure horror film, and even gorier than the original manga.
  • The characters of Hange, Sasha and Jean are very close to the originals; Eren is apparently even more suicidal; and Mikasa and Armin are unfortunately reduced as simply tertiary characters, with Mikasa suffering the worst "assasination" to the point of being the weakest part of the film. :-|

If you want to read the whole article, click here.

From now on I'll be sharing the news in my blog instead of in the forum. The rest of the news I've published before:

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