So this month's chapter is already out and our heroes keep up their efforts to overthrow the government. Although leave it to Isayama to turn an already hellish situation into pure hell.

I mean, the things have been quite gloomy for a while and I cannot get rid of the feeling that I'm reading a 2nd world war story, though in a sense, it's quite interesting. I've been pondering for quite some time about how the series has been slowly changing from Humans vs. Titans to Humans vs. Titan Shifters and now we're at Humans vs. Humans. I wonder how much good this will do in the end, this is Isayama we're dealing with after all, though if the Survey Corps peepz cannot even deal with humanity, how are they expected to face the Titans?

Eren recalls about Reiner and Bertolt

For some reason, I find this panel cute...

Regardless, this chapter has greatly moved the plot forward and I'm glad it has, as lately, I've been trying really hard to enjoy the current events of the series. Eren seems to recall more and more about Reiner and co. and this time he doesn't let it go, but writes everything down. After trying to choke his semi-innocent comrade, Djel learns that Hange screwed him over and he's the one to betray the King. He also manages to piss Hange off (again) and a poor table has to suffer in the end. And imaginary cockroaches. Thankfully, Eren gives Hange something to think about and she rushes off to talk to Erwin.

Meanwhile, the female Armin, Nifa... Nina... well, it would be nice if Mangastream made up their mind on how to call her. In any case, Historia learns that she's supposed to be the queen and as Levi correctly deduces, it won't go...

"Hey, be queen, k? K."

Dimo is killed

Our mysterious man sure likes playing with knives

... as easily. For some reason though, I found Levi's speech this time around a little annoying as it was way too similar to his previous two speeches in the message it was trying to convey. That aside though, Historia agrees and everyone lives happi- no, wait, Isayama. I forgot. The plan is to have Dimo Reeves hand Eren and Historia to the 1st MPB in order to locate Historia's father. Okay, I don't know about you guys, but the very moment I read this, it totally screamed failure. And as I expected, the 1st MPB sees through this from the very beginning, kills Dimo and takes both Eren and Historia away. The culprit is none other than the man who killed Historia's mother 5 years ago, Captain Ackerman.

Uh, well, okay.

Before that happens though, he asks Dimo about Levi Ackerman's whereabouts.

... really, now? All that's left is the King to be Ackerman as well. In any case, this mysterious man who claims to have trained Levi takes the kidnapped and intends to use the "anti-human supression squad" against Survey Corps. I wonder if that's referring to the 1st MPB or it's something entirely new?

All in all, things are finally moving and I'm yet again looking forward to see what happens next - it shows, after 3 months I even did the chapter summary. Ha! So yep, an entertaining chapter.

Levi pressures Historia

What are your thoughts? Do share in the comments.

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