This time, I figured I'd be the one to review the latest episode and I want to do it before I have to spend 5 hours travelling by train to college. So let's start!


As (almost) always, the episode starts with a recap, albeit this time a short one, and even then it's not much of a recap! I noticed this earlier, but sometimes these recaps see some changes compared to what we originally saw in the old episodes (read: completed animation that was unfinished in the previous episodes). However, this time we get a - rather well detailed - scene of Annie's transformation. That was really good.

*skips opening* Ain't nobody got time for that, 2 AM here~

Oh hey, Levi and your shit jokes... Or I should say jokes about shit so there's no misunderstanding. :P Anyways, we're taken back to a few days before the Stohess operation commences. Eren learns something that he already - albeit unconsciously - knows and that is the Female Titan's identity. Unable to believe that they can doubt Annie, we return to the present as now-transformed Annie attempts to chase Eren, even risking that he may get killed. Eren decides to follow plan B and tries to transform himself, but fails to do so. Jelly Mikasa, while throwing some scary faces, correctly deduces that Eren is hesitating to fight Annie.

Mikasa questions Eren
I mean, how epic is that expression?

So Armin and Mikasa decide to fight on their own, with Eren being a pussy. Aaaaand... This is when the episode starts going down for me.... As a mass of rocks falls on Eren.

Okay, I'll complain about that later, let's continue. Mikasa pulls a Reiner, cutting through Annie's hand, while Armin tries to save Eren. More filler incoming, Jean blows off his cover and heads to the battle himself. Okay. Meanwhile, the Scouting Legion guys do some acrobatic things that look awkward too, but as any other fodder, they get killed. After Jean yells at Eren, him and Armin try to lure Annie into a trap. More Hanji is always good, right? Unfortunately, this all turns out to be an episode 20 deja vu, Annie gets trapped, Hanji threatens her, she frees herself. Doh.... Thankfully, Eren finally manages to transform, but not before pulling a Fairy Tail on us. Nakama. That scene had quite a lot of blood and what not, along with epic soundtrack. Well, that's it. Annie, while apparently sightseeing or something, lets herself to be hit by Titan Eren. To be continued.

Final Verdict

Okay, where to start. Alright, positive things. In spite of some fight scenes having weird animation, they weren't too bad. I already praised the scene with Annie's transformation. Basically, the entire thing was good, until we get a filler thrown into our face. Already moving onto negatives as I'm afraid that this time, it wasn't a good filler.

They destroyed that epic scene of Mikasa and Armin leaving to fight Annie, with Eren realizing that the world is a cruel place and his subsequent transformation. Like what the hell, as if Eren needed to be portrayed any more useless. The whole Hanji and Jean things seemed kinda out of place too, along with recycled scenes and what not. I don't know, this entire thing simply left a bad taste in my mouth.

And now, for the preview of the last episode. Destroy the entire world? Lolwut? I reaaaaally hope...

I really hope it's a figure of speech and they're not pulling some anime-only shit to end the series. That would be the WORST thing to do and in my eyes would destroy the series.

Overall, while I'm heavily pointing out the negatives, the episode did have its thrilling parts I guess... But as I said above, it left bad taste in my mouth, especially the preview.

Hange threatens Annie

So what is your opinion? Share in the comments :)

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