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  • Neetaku

    So, one night... or I guess I should say morning... as I slowly drifted off to sleep at the wee hour of 6:00 AM, an idea occurred to me for a blog post. After mulling over this idea for some time, I went to sleep. I subsequently woke up, went about my day (I went to see War for the Planet of the Apes; great film), and completely forgot about my idea for my blog post. Until now. This blog will be dedicated to the characters of Sasha Blouse and Connie Springer (in case you couldn't figure it out), and whether they still have the potential to become real characters, or if they are doomed to remain soulless cardboard cutouts, destined to continue appearing in group shots with the rest of the main cast, despite having no real reason to exist. A…

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  • Neetaku

    Greetings everyone! After the relative success of my last blog, and another relative dry spell in blog activity, I decided it's high time to write another top 5 list! Lucky you! I think in my last blog, I teased an entry revolving around AOT's villains, but considering I can't hope to ever remember an idea I had 6 months ago, (someone should really invent some kind of book where you can write down your ideas) I'm writing this instead! A blog listing the top 5 best characters to appear in the Attack on Titan series!

    Before you ask, the picks below are 100%, unequivocally, definitely, without a doubt, canonically established as the best characters in the series. Hajime Isayama told me himself. Through our psychic connection. It totally exists…

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  • Neetaku

    Top 5 Deaths in AOT

    September 28, 2016 by Neetaku

    Greetings fellow wikia people (wikians?)!

    Since there haven't been a lot of new blog posts on the wiki lately, I decided I'd try to get our blogosphere up and running again with a amazing blog that will bring AOT fans flocking from miles around!... Okay fine, LeviAckermanshipsereri already did that, but let's see if anything I write can produce the same results!

    Now, anyone who is familiar with the AOT franchise knows that at some point, some time, someone is going to bite the dust. Sometimes that Someone is important... And other times they are not. But, obvious plot armor aside, AOT has undeniably had some memorable deaths, and this blog will be dedicated to honoring those who gave up their lives so that Hajime Isayama would be able to draw…

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  • Neetaku

    In Chapter 72 of the SNK manga, three previously unseen Squad Leaders were introduced in a meeting with Erwin Smith, Hange Zoë, and Levi Ackerman. In the just-released Chapter 75, Erwin mentions three of the Squad Leaders' names: Dirk, Marlene, and Klaus. I've reviewed both chapters extensively, and have been able to somewhat determine which of the Squad Leaders.

    The blond woman on the couch is most likely Marlene, the leader of Squad Marlene, as she is the only female in the room besides Hange (unless you consider Hange to be male in the manga, in which case she is the only female). The blond man sitting next to her can be seen giving orders to the squad protecting the horses, meaning he must be Klaus, the leader of Squad Klaus (who Erwin …

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  • Neetaku

    A New Character?

    October 26, 2015 by Neetaku

    So, today I was randomly looking up information on the Attack on Titan anime when I found something interesting: in FUNimation's announcement of the English cast for AOT, a character we don't have a page for named Mobb is reported as being voiced Matthew Ham. I was wondering if anyone on the wiki had any information about this?

    EDIT: I also found in another one of its cast announcements (they released, like, five different announcements over the course of a week, each with around eight characters and their english voices), a character called "Waltz" who is voiced by Kyle Phillips. However, like Matthew Ham, Phillips is never credited in the anime for voicing a specific character, but for providing "additional voices".

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