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    At "AnimagiC 2014" in Bonn (Germany) it was announced by George Wada during a Q&A session, that the 2nd season of the anime is in pre-production. He refused to give any more information though, which includes when it is going to air, etc. You should not expect the 2nd season before 2016 though, but it will most likely air even later.

    Additional information during the panel:

    • When producing the first season, the first episode took about 6 months to produce, but the following episodes only took 6 weeks of time.
    • The anime was inspired by Spider Man and Pacific Rim
    • For one year, Wada and Isayama met every 2 weeks to discuss details regarding the adaption
    • The design of the 3DMG was changed in the the anime, because Isayama appearantly didn't like his…
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    So... next chapter, i.e. Chapter 55 will be here in a few days, so what may happen? I think they will either first show us the "interrogation" and Pixis' answer to Erwin, OR there will be a sudden timeskip directly to the uprising and the other things will be shown in flashbacks. What do you think? Will the revolution succeed? Will it completely fail? Or will there be some truce made? Or maybe an interuption that wakes the king and his people up and makes them realize the danger of the titan shifter village? Discuss!

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    1. Our debate "Jäger vs Yeager" was followed by Kodansha USA it seems: Twitter Link1

    And once again it is "our names were approved". Considering this: Twitter Link2 it seems like they really made the names up to their liking and then simply let Isayama sign his name on it, who did not really seem to care about the romanisation it seems, to make it "official". But all of that has been cleared already, so I won't go into this any further.

    2. As I see, the plan to use bots was finally put into action. However they also cause a bit of trouble in some text. Please be careful. Of course I understand that these few small accidents are nothing compared to the workload if we had to manually change all the names, so I definitly approve of the bots.

    3. …

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