The 104th trainee Squad is on a mission but everything goes wrong and they start being killed one by one only one member makes it back alive it is up to you guys to pick the survivor. 

How the game works you say hurt ______ and Heal _______ the characters you want to be saved or be killed once a character has zero lives He/She will die and are out of the game for good, but when you heal a character they get one point if they are still in the game.

Exmaple: if Ymir is at 4 in heath if you heal her she will be back at 5 

If you hurt a character they lose a point for example Jean is at 7 heath but if you hurt him he goes down to 6.

The game ends when only two characters are in the game and the one that has the most health at that point is the survivor.

New game rule hurt is now worth two points and heal is only worth one point.

Also fell free to update the page i'm not on this wiki very much it would help if you did. 

Jean Kirtein                    Lives: 9

Connie Springer            Lives: 8

Marco Bott                     Lifes: 7
Sasha Blouse                 Lifes: 9
Armin Arlert                    Lifes: 8
Historia Reiss                Lifes: 8
Mikasa Ackerman          lifes: 9
Ymir                                Lifes: 8
Annie Leonhart             Lifes: 7
Reiner Braun                Lifes: 7
Bertolt Hoover             Lifes: 8
Eren Yeager                  Lifes: 8

Character                  Lifes           

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