• Nuclearnyancat

    Eren is either dead or very near death. Let's do some math: At the time a person inherits titan shifting ability, they have only 13 years to live. It's been 4 years since they reached the Ocean, and he was around 16 then. So he is 20 now (in chapter 91 and 96). Based on analysis, we can say that Eren gained titan ability at the age of 7. So, at the time they reached the ocean, he had around 4 years to live... guess how many years it has been since then.


    Tell me what you guys think.

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  • Nuclearnyancat

    P.S: This was just deleted by a admin and they told me to post it here so I will. If it gets deleted again I could see how someone would view it as spam, but I would like thim to tell me where I can post it. Anyway, lets get into:

    Attack on Titan

    Hi everyone, and today I will be talking about the entire attack on titan story. Before we begin I would like to grive credit to the attack on titan wiki and to the original writers of attack on titan. I did not create this story. Without further a do, let's get into it. To start, I will tell you about the Titans.The titans are a huge humanoid creature whose only purpose is to devour humans.They appeared in the year 743. No one knows how they were created or where they came from, but they drove hum…

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