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Attack on Titan

Hi everyone, and today I will be talking about the entire attack on titan story. Before we begin I would like to grive credit to the attack on titan wiki and to the original writers of attack on titan. I did not create this story. Without further a do, let's get into it. To start, I will tell you about the Titans.The titans are a huge humanoid creature whose only purpose is to devour humans.They appeared in the year 743. No one knows how they were created or where they came from, but they drove humanity to the brink of extinction. 3 walls “appeared” to shelter them from the titans. These walls were called Maria, the outermost wall, Rose, the middle wall, and Sheena, the inner wall. We will talk about these walls later. There were many cities in these walls, each of them surrounded by their own smaller wall. Humanity made 3 branches of the military. Server corps, to travel outside the wall, Garrison regiment, to secure the walls, and Military Police, to protect the king. Now that that is all said and done, let's jump right into the Attack on titan story.  We start off in the first episode, “to you, in 2000 years,” seeing a  10 year old Eren Yeager, the main protagonist of this series having a awful dream about the fall of Shiganshina, the outermost city in wall maria. Having his adopted sister, 10 year old  Mikasa Ackerman wake him up, he returns to his chores. He and his sister return to the walls and to their home.  Grisha Yeager, Eren’s father is preparing to go out on a routine checkup, being a doctor, and Clara Jaeger, Eren’s mom, is just washing dishes. After Eren told Mikasa that he wanted to join the survey corps, she snitches on him telling the whole family. Carla is furious, but Grisha wants Eren to do what he thinks is right. As he leaves, Grisha tell him that when he returns, he will show Eren what he has been keeping locked away in his basement this whole time. After Grisha leaves, Eren and Mikasa go hang out with their best and only friend,  10 year old  Armin Arlert. This trio will be the center of the entire story. When they arrive to greet Armin, they find that he is getting harassed by a group of bullies. After taking one look at Mikasa, however, they ran away is fear, knowing that Mikasa is a fierce threat. After helping Armin up, they proceed into the square. After hearing a rattling lightning shock outside the wall, they look up at the outer gate and notice something terrifying that they have never seen before ; there was a giant red hand on the wall. After lifting its head up, peering into the city, it was clear that a titan attack was about to commence. This titan was larger than any other in recorded history. Is a flash, it kicked in the gate to Shiganshina, sending debris all across the city. At that moment, everyone, including the trio of kids, began running towards the gate into the interior of wall maria. After that, they should be safe. But Eren and Mikasa get separated from Armin because they want to see if their home is still intact. Sadly, it was crushed by a huge boulder. Carla was crushed and eaten by a titan, while Eren and Mikasa were carried away by a long time friend who happened to be a soldier. This is debatably one of the most iconic moments in the series. After reunited with Armin on a refugee boat, the trio looks back at Shiganshina being overrun by merciless titans. All of a sudden, an abnormal titan, later to be named the Armored Titan, appears. It charges at the vanguard wall, and just as the gate closed, he smashes right  through wall maria, taking out one third of humanities entire land. It was at that point that  Eren swore to devour all the titans just as they devoured humans. This ends 100 years of peace, and begins a new war with the titans. 5 years later, Eren, Mikasa and Armin graduate  from Boot Camp, making them honorary soldiers. The trio made some friends along the way.  These include Reiner Braun, Bertholt Hoover, Annie Leonhart, Ymir, Christa, Connie Springer, Sasha Blouse, Jean Kristine and Marco Bolt. All these characters will play a huge role in the series. They are known as the 104th Training Corps. Before enrolling to a military brigade, Eren and his comrades is assigned to clean the wall of Trost district, the new front line after the fall of wall Maria. As he guards the wall, he makes a little side chatter with his fellow cadets. He realized that humanity is starting to make a comeback and regain its pride. Now, Eren must have a thing with jinxing things, because at that very moment, the colossal titan  appears right behind him. History is about to repeat itself. Humanity was better prepared this time, so when the huge titan kicked the gate, the debris was stopped by safeguards around the gate. Eren refused to let the colossal titan get away. He was going to get his revenge. He used 3d Maneuvering gear , a military grady grappling hook that allowed for humans to technically fly to reach the napes, the weak spot of a titan, to get the nape of the colossal titan in his sight. Just as he swung his iron bamboo blade at the giant, it disappeared in a flash of spoke. Humanity had a huge problem. There was a hole in the wall and titans were about to enter  trost. It was only a matter of time before all the citizens evacuated from trost. Now the 104th’s first battle begins. Eren is optimistic, even after letting the colossal titan get away. But soon enough he witnesses the horror of the titans again. He saw his comrades being slaughtered  left and right. Armin was alive, and he was the last surviving member of his squad. He could do nothing but watch. As Eren fights desperately, a titan jumps up and chomps   Erens entire leg off. At this point, Armin has given up entirely. A titan grabs onto Armin and puts him in its mouth. Before he can swallow, eren comes out of nowhere and ( SWITCH) throws armin out of the titans mouth. Armin watches as the titan shuts its mouth, swallowing Eren, but it also chomped his arm off in the process. Armin was at a loss for words, and was taken in by another squad, who were also out of will power. In this squad was Mikasa. Armin could not bare to look at her, but after pushing himself, he finally told her the truth. Mikasa's heart shattered, but she did not cry as Armin was. She was one of the most elite soldier is the entire military and so she held in her emotions. Jean, who was also in the squad, blurted out that the squad did not have enough fuel to make it up the wall. A broken Mikasa insisted that they storm the HQ, which has been overrun by titans. The soldiers agree, and with barely any fuel left, head towards the HQ. Armin could see that Mikasa was taking out all her emotions with the 3D maneuvering gear, and in no time she ran out off gas. She collapsed down into a closed alley way, and sat down, all willpower gone. She looked down at her broken blade as a titan approached her, and realized that Eren would have wanted her to fight. So she got up and faced the 15 - meter class titan with nothing but a broken blade. Before she could even take a step, the titan she was facing was punched in the face by another titan behind her. The abnormal titan began to devour the titan, completely ignoring Mikasa. A titan attacking another titan was unheard of. At that same moment, it let out a  scream that sounded like the manifest anger that humanity had towards titans. Mikasa felt hope in her soul. Armin and Connie were separated by the rest of the squad to see if Mikasa was okay. After bring her onto a roof, she began to depict what she saw. She had a plan. She would kill all the titans in the vicinity of the titan- killer so that it would be drawn to the hq. They went through with the plan, and in the end, it worked. Running on fumes, the 104 squad made it inside the  hq and refueled. When they got outside, they saw the titan killer laying lifeless on the ground. They thought that it was dead and were about to leave it but suddenly Armin say a person  emerge from the nape of the titan; It was Eren. Mikasa ran and embraced the unconscious Eren and proceed to scale the wall to the other side of Trost, retreating to safety.. However, the trio were halted by a brigade of soldiers.  The brigade stated that Eren was a titan in disguise and wanted to destroy humanity. Before they could make a rebuttal, a cannon shell was fired onto the trio. Unconsciously, eren bit his outer palm, transforming him into a malformed titan without legs our skin to stop the shell. He stopped the shell and saved his friends. He pleaded that he was a soldier that dedicated his life to mankind, and before they could fire another shot, General Pyxis, leader of the military in the northern area, halted the canon. He said that Eren played a vital part in a special operation: the operation to retake trost. Pixis takes the trio to the top of wall Rose to discuss a plan. He explains that the casualties are massive and that it would not have been as bad if the elite scout regiment was there. The main roles are  Levi Ackerman (Humanity's strongest man) Hanji Zoe, Erwin Smith (Commander), Petra Ral, Gunther Schultz, Oluo Bozado, and a few others. Pixis asks armin for his opinion, knowing that he was the one who made the idea to use titan - eren to clear the hq. Armin suggest that Eren transforms into a titan and carries a nearby boulder that was debri from the broken wall to seal the wall. Pixis agrees, and puts together a squad.  He announces to the entire military that eren was supposedly a successful scientific project. After a long motivational speech, the soldiers are ready to go through with the operation. There will be 3 groups; Eren’s squad that will transport Eren to the boulder, The offence squad which will fight off nearby titans, and the lure squad, which is composed of soldiers that will lure titans to the corner of the wall. As the offencive begins, Eren runs with his squad to the boulder. When he transforms, something goes wrong, and Eren loses control and  attacks Mikasa. He then goes unconscious. To Eren’s squad, the situation looks like a failure, but then Armin arrives and starts to talk to the unconscious Eren. He tells him that if he could plug up the wall, he will be able to see the outside world. This wakes Eren up, and when Titans start closing in, Eren picks up the boulder  and carries it all the way to the wall. The weight of the boulder should crush Eren’s 15 - Meter class titan, but Eren's will power and shear strength allow him to reach the gate. All around him he sees fellow soldiers die just so he can reach that gate. And when he finally does, he slams the enormous boulder into the hole, sealing Trost district. As Eren gets out of the Titan, Armin and Mikasa arrive to help him. But as they look up, they see a titan reaching down to grab them. Right before it reaches them, it is killed in the blink of an eye. Standing on the disintegrating body of the titan stands( SWITCH) Captain Levi Ackerman of the Server Core, Humanity's greatest soldier. Levi orders the trio to retreat to the wall, and they do. The operation has ended and humanity has won for the first time against the titans. But the losses were too much, it could not be called a victory. 2 days later, and Jean is assigned a job identifying all the dead corpses for cremation so disease does not spread. And he runs into one corpse that breaks his soul;  his best friend, Marco. Marco is the one who inspired him to lead the charge on the HQ before Eren showed up. In honor of Marco, Jean tells the other cadets that he is also joining the Scouts, despite having a lifelong dream of being a MP. Meanwhile, after being in a coma for 2 days after carrying the boulder, Eren wakes up to see that he  is chained up in a cell. He is approached by Levi and Erwin. They tell him that they could use his powers to seal up wall Maria. They also add that he is about to be put on trial if he should be handed over to the Scouts or the MP. If he is put with the MPs, they will kill him. If he is with the scouts, he will be trained to control his power. Eren is taken to the  courtroom by Hanji Zoe, and she tells him good luck. To convince the judge that the Scouts will not go lightly on Eren, Levi beats Eren up. In the end, Eren is handed over to the Scouts and will be placed under the direct control of Levi. Eren and the Scouts proceed to their Headquarters outside Trost. Hanji introduces Eren to 2 captured titans, Sonny and Bean. The next morning, the scouts find Sonny and Bean dead. After a intense search of maneuvering gear, there were no traces of foul play. That evening was the  choosing ceremony, where cadets get to choose their desired branch of the military. Only the top 10 get to join, however. When the survey corps was called, the 104th training corps are the only ones who sign up because of how dangerous it is. After the ceremony, all the cadets are officially members of the Scouts. They are all taken to the survey corps headquarters where Eren is held, and Mikasa and Armin finally get to see Eren. The next day, Erwin calls a meeting to discuss a expedition outside the walls to experiment on Eren's powers. Erwin discussed the strategy and said it would take place the next day. When the time came the next day, Eren was ready. They would travel by horseback. This mission was also a attempt to reach   Shiganshina. Not to far along into the mission, the corp ran into many. Then out of nowhere a female-type titan appears. This is the first female  titan ever recorded by the survey corp. This abnormal was very powerful and quickly wiped out most of the right side of the formation. However it completely ignored Armin and Jean, but it grabbed Riener but surprisingly let him go. It seemed to have intelligence, a trait most titans don't have, because it began to head in Eren’s direction soon enough. Krista arrives with horses for Jean, Armin and Reiner. When Erwin got news that the female titan was approaching on Eren’s position he made the daring move to send the formation into a nearby titan forest. At that point, the operation was over and the corps was making a attempt to retreat. However, the female titan was relentless. Erwin orders the 104th to guard the forest entrance. With the female titan right on their heels, Erwin proceeds deeper into the forest. After Erwin commands the elite Levi squad to attack the female titan, the Scouts managed to  “capture” it.  At this point, the commander believes the titan is a “titan shifter”, just like Eren. He plans to use explosives to blow open her nape because she can harden her hands at will and she has covered her nape. Before the explosives could be set however, she lets out a roaring screech, a final plea for help. Soon after, over 100 titans coming running at the female titan. Powerless, the corps could do nothing but watch as she gets devoured by the titans. However, Erwin believes that the human that controls the titan has escaped with maneuvering gear. He has ordered Eren and squad Levi to escape. After retreating, they see a unknown soldier, and the soldier proceeds to kill Gunther with blades meant for titans, and then transforms into the female titan itself. Squad Levi ordered Eren to keep moving, which he reluctantly did. He watched squad Levi do heavy damage to the female titan, but they were unprepared for her true strength. Petra, Oluo, an Eld were all killed before his very eyes. Knowing what he must do, Eren transforms into a titan. He takes on the female  titan, going fist to fist with the beast. He realized that whoever was controlling the titan knew advanced martial arts. He was losing. Soon enough, the female titan kicked Eren’s head off, revealing the human Eren. The female titan intended to capture, not kill. So, she ate Eren,  but secured him under her tongue. She did all this just as Mikasa and Levi arrived. The 2 best soldiers in humanity were about to go fact to face with the female titan. Levi flew ahead, and he began to strike her so  fast that she did not have time to harden. The had to protect her nape or she will die. She pressed her back against a tree and held her nape. Levi struck all the muscles supporting the arms. When the arms dropped, the went for the jaw muscles. After her jaw fell, Eren was revealed. Levi quickly grabbed Eren and made a quick retread. The female titan was completely immobilized. She failed her mission, and when Mikasa looked back at her, she  was crying. Mikasa and Levi rendezvous with the rest of the corps, bringing Eren with them. They return to the city. When they returned to Trost, Eren was already awake, and when he looked up at the faces of the people, a sneer of disappointment washed over the server corps. Meanwhile, in the Stohess district of wall Sheena, Annie awakes to server another day as a MP. She was the only one of the 104th who did not join the Scouts. Today was the day that Eren would be summoned to Stohess to be handed over to the MP, and therefore his execution. Annie was in charge of escorting this convoy. But there was a greater plan to this than what met the eye. The Scouts have narrowed down to Annie as the main suspect of being the female titan. They put Jean as Eren's body double in the convoy, and Eren, Mikasa, and Armin were going to convince Annie to go into the  underground with them. If she does, she will be cleared of suspicion. But when the trio let her to the underground. She instead laughed and transformed into the female titan in the middle  of the Stohess district. As she transformed, the trio attempts to make a escape out of the tunnel. When they find one, Mikasa and Armin get away while Eren transforms. Then, Eren and the female titan face off. After a long and forceful fight, Eren is again immobilized, and Annie heads for the wall, with the intent to scale it in an effort to retreat. At this point, Mikasa needs to step in. As Annie begins to scale the wall, Mikasa lands on Annie's fingers and cuts them off, causing Annie to fall down the wall. All of a sudden, Eren’s will alone grants him power he never felt before, and he goes through a sort of “titan awakening.” He  charges full speed at the female titan’s immobilized body, and begins to  pummel it. After a few seconds pass, Eren emerges from his titan, unconscious , with strange markings on his face. Soldiers start pouring in as they begin to tear Annie out of the nape of the titan, but are troubled to find that she is completely hardened in unbreakable crystal. They take her down into a underground cell, so that when she emerges she won’t transform. With excessive damage done to Stohess during this brawl, the server corp had to explain. But, Mikasa saw something that terrified her when she was on the wall. Where Annie’s fingerprints made holes in the wall, debris  fell away, revealing a titan face inside the wall…

This marks the end of the anime, and we move into the manga:

Attack on Titan, part 2

We ended off at the end of part 1, where it is discovered that the inside of the walls are made of titans. Eren just defeated the female titan. I feel like I should add some height measurements and background. The walls are 50 meters tall, the colossal titan is 60 meters tall, Eren, the armored titan, the female titan and the tallest regular titans are 15 meters. There are also 10 meters and 7 meter titans. Abnormal titans are titans that act differently than any other titan. These are not just titan - shifter, but can also be regular titans. The central government is run by a monarchy, which is located at the center of wall sheena, the innermost wall. The main religion in the walls are the wall worshipers, who worship the walls as gifts from god. Now that we got that out of the way, let's get into the story. Hanji saw the titans face in the wall, and just like all the other people in the area, she was terrified. Pastor Nick, who was incharge of the local church of the wall, was a old friend of Hanji. He ran up to her and told her to immediately cover the titan’s face with a sheet that could block sunlight. The titan was not a normal looking titan. Only it’s face was exposed, so it must have been over 45 meters tall. It did not move at all, but it was alive. It was then concealed by a blanket, shielding it’s face from the public. Hanji took Nick to the top of the wall and demanded to know why there were titans in the wall. Pastor Nick refused to tell Hanji the origin of the wall titans. However, the Survey Corps had a bigger problem. The royal government had summoned Erwin to explain the chaos they had occurred in Stohess. Erwin explained that the damages could have been much worse if the wall had been breached, which it has been not. Meanwhile, Connie, Jean, Sasha, Ymir, Christa, Reiner, and Bertholdt were being secured at a small fortress near wall Rose, under the idea that one of them was possibly a accomplice of Annie. They were being guarded by a small squad of elite soldiers. Then, after sitting around for a few hours, doing nothing but talking, Sasha hears booming footsteps. No one else hears it, because Sasha was raised as a hunter tribesman, she has heightened senses. She screams that titans are incoming and that wall Rose has been breached! The soldiers who

we're guarding the kids we're named Nanaba, Gelgar, Henning, Lynne, and Mike. These soldiers immediately prepared the group to help them look for a breach in the wall. The recently received orders that another search party was on the way. When the group finally departed too look for the breach, Mike “smelled” multiple titans incoming. He said that he would serve as a distraction while the others get away. Mike was one of the best soldiers, so he did not struggle with the titans. But, another titan approached. The rest of the squad has already escaped, but Mike was still securing the perimeter. This titan was clearly abnormal; it was over 20 meters tall and had hair covering its entire body. It looked like a ape titan. As mike prepared to assault it, he made a dreadful realization that this titan was intelligent, just like the colossal titan. The titan picked up a nearby horse and flung it at Mike, who was on a roof. No idea what he just witnessed, Mike's lower body was crushed by the horse. As the titan approached, it did something no titan had ever done before: it spoke. It asked Mike about his 3D maneuvering gear. But, Mike had already died. The ape titan removed the 3D maneuver gear, and went away. It was already late at night when the group, who had split up to scout the wall, ran into each other. The news was a relief, but only sparked more question; if the wall was not breached, how did titans get in? The group saw titans nearby, so they decided to take shelter in a nearby abandoned castle known as Uguard castle. While the 104th took shelter in the castle, the elite soldiers were fighting the titans that were beginning to surround the castle. Keeping the kids safe was of utmost importance. There was something grim about this combat, however; not only were the soldiers outnumbered, but titans fall docile at night. These titans did not. All of a sudden, the Ape titan, who had climbed the wall and at atop of it, was observing the combat. He picked up a nearby boulder and flung it at the castle, killing Lynne instantly. After this, the chaos continued. What seemed to be 50 titans approached, and began to rip the soldiers apart, one by one. Meanwhile, the 104th lay defenseless while the titans were tearing down the castle. The 104th had to retreat to the roof of the tower, and saw the carnage. Before the tower could be knocked down, Ymir told Christa the she promised to tell her her real name if she showed her secrete. Ymir did show her secret in what she did next. Ymir transformed into a TITAN! She jumped down into the group of titans and tore the ones attacking the tower apart, but more were approaching. She ordered the 104th to get on her back, and it seemed that she was another titan with vocal cords.As everyone got on, the tower collapsed. As Ymir fell, she held the 104th close so they would live. Note that none of the 104th had maneuvering gear or weapons. After the tower fell, all the 104th ended up ok. Except Ymir, who was weakened by the fall and was being eaten by the titans. As Christa ran to her, a titan appeared and was about to grab Christa. Out of nowhere, a soldier slew past the titan, killing it; it was Eren. This was his first kill, even though the other higher ups, who were killing the titans eating Ymir and the ones who were around the castle, ordered him to stay back. The soldiers had arrived just in time to save the 104th, but Ymir arose from the titan unconscious. Christina ran to her and told her her real name: Historia Reiss. The entire group retreated to the top of the wall. But before they could do that, Connie and Hanji stopped by Connie’s village, which was nearby. He was terrified to see that a titan with tiny arms and legs lay in the wreckage of his house. The titan looked identical to connie's mother, which gave Hanji the idea that titans were all once people. They returned to the wall. Ymir was still unconscious. It was around 5 in the morning, and Eren was talking to Reiner. Reiner realizes that Ymir’s titan is the one that killed their childhood friend many years ago. Reiner also reminds Bertholt that their “hometown” is nearby. Reiner decides to tell Eren his true purpose; Reiner reveals that he is the armored titan and Bertholt is the colossal titan, and that their mission was to destroy humanity and retrieve Eren Yeager. At first Eren does not believe it, but then Reiner does something that proves that he is mankind's greatest enemy. Reiner shows Eren his bandaged arm which has been bitten by a titan at Ugard. Reiner unwraps the bandage, to reveal that his arm was, in fact, regenerating, just like a titan. Bertholdt and Eren are shocked and Reiner tells Bertholt that it is time to transform and take Eren and Ymir to their hometown. Out of nowhere, Mikasa appears, shoving her 2 blades at Bertholt and Reiner, aiming for the titan weak point; she missed, cutting Bertholdts throat and cutting Reiners ear and arm off. While Bertholdt is terrified and in pain, Reiner stands lifeless. They are both regenerating. Hanji orders everyone to get off the wall, but it was too late. Reiner and Bertholt transform. Bertholt, being huge, was not able to transform completely, only forming his upper body on the wall. Eren also transformed into a titan, preparing to fight the Armored titan. The team attacked the colossal titan, while Eren and Reiner were brutally fighting. Eren was sickened that the man he trained with was mankind’s greatest enemy is secret. After the brutal fight, Eren ended up having Reiner in a hold in a attempt to destroy his armor. Realizing that he was about to lose, Reiner let out a piercing screech, signaling Bertholt to help. Bertholt purposely fell off the wall, crushing Reiner and Eren, leaving a blinding explosion. When the light faded, all 3 were gone. The only one who saw what happened was Armin, who said that Bertholt exited his titan while Reiner hardened his armor, so that he would not be harmed. He took a unconscious Eren and Bertolt and Ymir and ran out into the other side of the wall, in titan territory. To their homeland. When the survey corps rendezvous at the top of the wall. They could see the Armored titan escape with Eren, Bertholdt and Ymir. Erwin immediately set up the entire military to go after them, with the help of Pixis and the mps. 2 days later, the armored titan was past wall rose and halfway to Shiganshina. As they took a stop to rest in a nearby titan forest. Eren regained consciousness and saw Ymir, Bertholt, and Reiner, all in human form. Eren screams and calls Reiner and Bertholt traitors and murderers. Eren tries to transform, but can't, realizing that his arms and legs were cut off. As they regenerate, he has no choice but to listen to them. They speak about the Ape titan and not they are warriors, not soldiers. He tells Ymir that this world is doomed and that she should come with them. Ymir understands, being a titan for almost 70 years. This reveals that titan shifter get their power by being transformed into mindless titans, like connies mom, and then eating someone who possesses that power. Ymir stole the power away from Reiners childhood friend, and that is why he must return with her. Ymir agrees, but with one condition; Historia remains safe. Reiner gladly agrees, and Ymir joins them. Over in the distance, they see a signal flare. Humanity was getting close. Reiner told Ymir to set a trap, so that when Historia gets near, she can grab her and take her with them. Ymir transforms, and grabs Historia. Ymir jumps on the armored titans back and make a run to shiganshina. Bertholt is carrying a crippled Eren on his back, while riding on Reiners back. Even if they are titans themselves, regular titans still attack them. Reiner was charging at the soldiers, and vice versa, but the titans opened a sort of path by destroying many of them, but Erwin had a plan. He ordered the ones closest to Reiner to kill Bertholt and get Eren. Jean and Connie approached Bertholt who was covered by Reiners hand near his nape. They try to convince Bertholt to let Eren go. He refused, saying that humanity was evil. Out of nowhere Erwin was charging directly at Reiner with over 10 abnormal titans chasing him. Erwin managed to get away and the titans collided with Reiner, but not before getting his arm comped off. All around, death surround Reiner and Erwin’s army. Connie and Jean are resting near a tree. Meanwhile, while Reiner and Ymir are fighting the titans, Bertholt is exposed. Erwin orders everyone to attack Bertholt. Armin begins to tease Bertholt by saying that Annie is being tortured daily, knowing that Bertholt has feeling for her. Bertholt, now infuriated, stands up and screams that he will wipe this puny race of the face of the earth. As he does that, Erwin, after losing one arm, cuts off the harness attaching Eren to Bertholt, harming Bertholt in the process. Mikasa grabs Eren and brings him down. However, she injures her ribs, and is unable to fight when a titan approaches. Eren says that he is sorry for always mistreating her, and that they are family. In all the chaos and death around them in the open field, Eren realizes that the titan was the one that ate his mother, and this titan was also eating Hannes, the man that saved them in Shiganshina. Raw fury filled Eren, and as the Smiling titan reached down to grab them, Eren stood up for Mikasa and had another titan awakening. Eren threw a punch at the titan, and when his hand connected with the titan’s, many titans pounced on the smiling titan and began devouring it. Ymir said that now that Eren escaped, the world has hope. She let Historia go, but Ymir went with Reiner. Erwin called for a retreat. The mission was a success, but over 20% of the military was obliterated and Ymir, Bertholt and Reiner got away. Levi expressed pity for Erwin’s lost arm, but Erwin says that it was a small price to pay for all that dies by his order. Levi told that he is taking Eren, Historia and the rest of the 104th as the new squad Levi, and took them to a undisclosed location away from civilization so that things will cool down. Around 2 weeks after they were introduced into squad Levi, Levi held a meeting discussing the operation to retake wall Maria and to get to Eren’s basement, where the secret of the titans remains. No one knows where the titans came from because humanity's memory was wiped. During this meeting, Levi noticed that Hanji was acting strange. She said that Minister Nick was found dead in his room that morning. She says that she suspects that the man guarding the crime scene is responsible. After concluding that there may be a conspiracy against the survey corps, Historia reveals her true past. She says that she was raised on a farm owned by the noble Reiss family. She was neglected by her mother and family for her entire life, and children threw stones at their. But, on the night that wall Maria fell, she was visited by her true father: Rod Reiss. He said that he would take her to live with him, but before they knew it they were surrounded by men wearing all black. The leader of this group asked Rod if he was related to Historia and her mother. He said no, and in that moment, the leader killed Historias mother. As he slit her throat, she told Historia that she wished that she was never born. Those were her first and last words to Historia. The man prepared to kill Historia. But before he could kill her, Rod made a proposal. He would giver her a new identity and send her to a settlement where she would join the military 2 years later. The man agreed, and Historias new name was to be Christa Lenz. The next day, test were performed to see how Eren can control his titan. Eren’s titan fell to the ground, and Mikasa and Hanji have to get him out by force. A day later, he awakens, with no memory. Levi described that Eren was unable to harden and that he completely lost all intelligence after having relocations about his father. All of a sudden, Eren's pictures a girl, not knowing who she is or where she came from. Then, Eren goes back to sleep. Meanwhile, Erwin rode with his old friend Nile, who was in charge of the Military police. They discussed the death of Pastor Nick. Erwin sends orders to Levi to go to Trost with the 104th. When they arrive, wreckage from the battle was still everywhere. All of a sudden, a carriage drove by, and the people inside snatched Eren and Historia. However, Eren and Historia were not in Trost. The people that the carriage took were actually Jean and Armin in disguise. Mika said and Levi follow the carriage, predicting this kidnaping. The carriage leads to a warehouse. They inspect Jean and Armin, and then squad Levi attacks. Levi takes the boss of the people that kidnaped them, Dimo Reeves, boss of the Reeves company, to the top of the wall. Levi tries to convince Dimo to help the survey corps. Dimo says only if he gets Eren and Historia. Levi agrees. A few days later, squad Levi capture the guard who Hanji thought killed Nick, named Djel. They interrogate and torture him. Meanwhile, Erwin returns from Mithras, the capital city, and speaks to Pixis about overthrowing the royal government. Pixies asks for a reason and Erwin says that Djel revealed that the Reiss family are the true royal family and that Erwin wants to install Historia as the new queen. Levi tells Historia about this, and Erwin says that Dimo Reeves needs to had over Eren and Historia to the interior mps. But, on the way there, Dimo Reeves and his workers were murdered by the same man who killed Historias mother; Kenny the Ripper. He took Eren and Historia. After hearing that Eren and Historia were kidnaped, she says that titans can become titan shifters by eating titan shifters, and she says that this is what Rod Reiss wants to do with Eren. Rod Reiss intends to eat Eren. Erwin is told to turn himself in and he tells Hanji to be his successor. The survey corps is blamed for the murder of Dimo Reeves, while having full knowledge that Kenny the ripper had killed them. Kenny was part of the Military police. Hanji plans to disrupt the prosecution, so she send Levi and some other members of the survey corps to spy on the brigade. While Levi spies, the soldiers began to get shot at. Before he knew it, Levi was the last one alive, and was being hunted by his old mentor, Kenny the Ripper, and his elite squad trained to kill humans. They were equipped with a new kind of maneuvering gear that had small cannons instead of blades. These guns were made for people, not titans. After fighting and killing a few of the shooters, Levi made a retreat. Some of the 104th had a carriage in place for Levi to retreat. Levi made it into the carriage, but one of the shooters also landed in the carriage. The pointed the gun directly at Jean's head, but she hesitated. She had a look of terror and confusion. She was wondering why humans were fighting humans instead of titans. Before she could fire, Armin pulled a pocket pistol and shot her in the head, saving Jean’s life. They retreated back to the cabin, with memories that they will never forget. Meanwhile, Kenny returns to where Eren and Historia were being held. He and Rod Reiss take the bags off their heads, and Rod hugs Historia and tells her he is sorry. Back at squad Levi’s hideout, Levi spots 2 stray military police scouts named Hitch and Marlowe. Levi convince them to join the scouts, and when they do, they tell Levi where they think Eren and Historia is. Meanwhile, Hanji goes to a local newspaper known as “Berg Newspaper” in the stohess district and demands that they print the truth and not government propaganda. They agree, knowing the truth about what happened about Dimo Reeves. In Trost, Dimo Reeves son, Fleegle Reeves, who witnessed the murder, was being chased down by 3 military police that wanted to have no witnesses. Before he is killed he asked to know why they killed his father. They said that he betrayed the government. In the same moment, Levi jumped down and stayed the 3 mps, and multiple citizens heard the truth. Now, people are realizing that the survey corps may be innocent. Meanwhile, Erwin is being prepared to be executed in public. He is on trial in front of the assembly and the king, and he pleads that the survey corps is the guardian of mankind and without them civil war would break out. The assembly ignores him. Suddenly, a garrison soldier burst into the room declaring that wall rose was breached and that refugees were on their way to wall sheena. The assembly immediately declares that no one shall enter wall sheena. This surprises the other soldiers in the room, and then Darius Zackly, the court martial, arrests the nobles that declared no one shall enter. Pixies reveals that this was staged by him to show the true colors of the government. There was no breach. The king is taken away, as well. The survey corpse won. Squad Levi is informed that the government was overthrown and now they can focus on getting Eren and Historia. After that, they can retake wall Maria. Making attempts to find Eren and Historia, they still could not find them. The reality is that Eren is chained up in a huge glittering, cavern dungeon. As he wakes up, he sees Rod Reiss holding a recognizable syringe, similar to the one Eren saw in his last memory of his father. Rod Reiss begins to reveal the truth about titan shifters. He said that humanity figured out that mindless titans need to eat someone who has the titan power to harness it, but they do not understand that this power can be passed down. He says that the syringe that he holds can turn someone into a mindless titan. He said that the Reiss family controlled the Progenitor titan, the titan that created the walls and wiped humanity's memory. The most recent one to posses the power of the progenitor was Frieda Reiss, Historias half sister and the one that Eren had visions of. The Reiss family controls the progenitor for over 100 years, and each generation would eat the last. But the power has been stolen and Rods family was killed by one man: Grisha Yeager. They do not know why, but Grisha had transformed into a titan in the same cave they were in now, and ate the Reiss family. Grisha killed the 4 children, Rods wife, and had a battle with the progenitor titan when Frida transformed, but she lost the fight and was eaten. This already killed Eren inside, but Rod said something else. He said that Grisha possessed the serum to turn someone into a titan and that he used it on Eren. This means that Eren had to have eaten his father. Eren was sick. Now, Rod said that the Reiss family had to recover the progenitor titan from Eren, and to do that, Historia needs to become a titan and eat Eren. Meanwhile, Erwin, Darius, and Pixis made plans with squad Levi and the entire military to storm the enormous dungeon cavern where Eren is being held. The cavern is being secured by Kenny and his elite force. The military is about to put an end to Reiss once and for all. After the fighting commences, it is clear that Kenny and his group are vastly outnumbered. Kenny goes to speak with Rod, who is so far from the fighting that the gunshots are but a echo. Kenny reveals that he is part of the Ackerman bloodline, the last asian bloodline in the known world. The Ackerman bloodline is immune to the memory wipe, but the knowledge has not been past down. Kenny wanted the titan power for himself, so he attacks Rod and frees Eren, who is still prettified after learning the truth about his titan abilities. He demands that he and Historia fight in titan form, and the winner keeps the progenitor titan. Eren refuses to fight and says that Historia should just eat him and save humanity. But, Historia remembers her experiences in the 104th. She remembers that Ymir told her to live her life with pride, and she does just that. She frees Eren from the chains and screams so that Squad Levi will know where they are. As they arrive and begin to escape, Rod refuses to let them go. He injects himself with the serum, turning him into a huge titan that was larger than the colossus titan. As the cave collapsed, Eren had to save his friends. So, he saw a jar labeled “armor” in one of Rods medical bags, took it and drank it. When the roof directly above them collapsed, Eren had a third titan awaking; he managed to use the hardening power just like Annie and Reiner. He hardened, saving his friends. As they emerged, they were faced with another impeccable challenge. The almost 8 mile long cavern has completely collapsed, and Rods mindless titan acted like any other titan. I was heading for the largest population of humans nearby; Orvud district. The survey corps pursue the huge titan, which is crawling on it’s stomach, dragging its face along the ground, probably because it can't handle its own weight. It could not be approached directly because of its incredibly high body temperature; the trees that were near it were on fire. Erwin and Hanji considered letting Rod eat Eren so that he could continue to be the progenitor, but Historia said that anyone can be the progenitor, and a Eren posses the power. So, the plan was decided; Rod Reiss would be killed at Orvud district. Erwin had told the citizens to not evacuate, because then he would be drawn away from Orvud. They were setting up massive amounts of cannons on the walls and the main plan to destroy Rod would include Eren. Eren would toss a payload of explosive material into Rods mouth, hopefully blowing his head clean off. When Rod approached the wall, they fired the cannons. There was almost no effect, and he was allowed to peer into the Orvud district. He held himself up on the wall, and he looked horrific. After dragging his face on the ground all the way to Orvud, his face had sort of melted off. No matter how horrific, the survey corps would not falter. Eren transformed into a titan and threw the payload at Rod’s face, blowing most of it off. It was not enough to kill him, and people started to retreat. But, Historia grappled onto her fathers face and flew to his nape. She swung, killing Rod Reiss. Of course, the heat was very intense, and Historia was dizzy and fell down into Orvud, luckily landing on a hay stack. All the citizens just saw her slay the largest titan in history and they want to know who she is. She declared, “I am Historia Reiss, the true Queen.” Not long after Rod was killed, Historia was declared queen, and humanity could focus on retaking Maria. On retaking the Basement. A few weeks after she was crowned, she donated the cavern to the survey corps, and Hanji used the rare ore there to develop a new weapon with a new purpose; the lighting spear, a spear-shaped projectile whose purpose is to destroy the Armored titan's armor. The rest of the cavern was given to the citizens as a infinite source of light. Hanji has also recovered a titan serum I'm the wreckage of the cavern, and entrusted it to Levi so that when the time comes he can pick a soldier to be a titan like Eren. Eren remembers his father having encounters with his old training instructor, so the next morning he paid Keith Shadis a visit. Keith agreed to share everything he knows with Eren. 20 years ago, Keith, who was a member of the survey corps at the time, found Grisha wandering outside wall Maria with amnesia. It was like Grisha had never been in society before. Keith helped him land a job as a doctor. Later on, Shiganshina was faced with a horrific plague, but Grisha managed to cure everyone including Carla. They later had married and soon after had a son, Eren, and at around the same time, Keith became commander of the Survey Corps. But after many disastrous expeditions, he resigned and handed the position over to Erwin. On the night of the fall of wall Maria, Keith found Eren and Grisha. After learning about Carla's death, Grisha knew that it was time that Eren harnesses the titan powers. Grisha took Eren into the forest, and when Keith found them, Grisha was not in sight. All that was left was little Eren with the key around his neck.  Carla's last words to Keith were too keep Eren safe, so when Eren entered Keith's training cadets, Keith tried everything to sabotage Eren but changed his mind after he saw how passionate he was to avenge his mother. A week later, the survey corps started the long awaited mission to retake wall Maria, and while the survey corps were optimistic, they could not deny that they would encounter the ape, colossus and Armored titan. When they arrive at shiganshina, there are no titans in sight and the hole is quickly sealed. Armin finds remains of a campfire and 3 cups on top of the wall and warns that the enemy is hiding around there. Even though the wall is sealed does not mean that the mission is over since the colossal titan can open it at any time. Eventually, a soldier finds Reiner hidden in a trap door inside the wall. After killing the soldier that discovered him, Reiner transformed into the armored titan and the ape titan was spotted outside shiganshina with a army of 20 meter titans. The titans surrounded the hole that Eren just sealed, but did not move. They also surrounded a small town right next to the gate which was being used as a holding point for the horses and soldiers. Multiple smaller titans made their way to the town and the fight began meanwhile in shiganshina itself, the 104th is assigned to deal with the Armored titan. The colossal titan has not yet appeared. The ape titan threw a boulder and blocked the exit of wall Maria. Eren attacks Reiner and the other soldiers help with the new thunder spears. Reiner does not predict the explosive power of the thunder spears and is quickly defeated. Meanwhile, Bertholt awaits for Reiners signal. Even after the soldiers believe they killed Reiner by blowing his head off, he let out a piercing screech and began to regenerate, giving the signal to Bertholt. The ape titan, also revealed to be named “Zeke”, picked up a barrel containing Bertholt and threw it over the wall. Bertholt transformed into the colossal titan, causing a huge devastating explosion. The colossal titan has appeared, and squad Hanji was in the explosion area and were presumed dead.  All that remained in shiganshina were squad Levi. Bertholt wreaked havoc on shiganshina, picking up and dropping burning buildings. Meanwhile on the other side of the wall, all the smaller titans were taken care of, but all of a sudden, Zeke begins throwing crushed up boulders at the soldiers, killing many of them instantly. Erwin orders a retreat, and there backs are to the wall. On the other side of the wall, squad Levi understands that Bertholt wants to drop flaming debris on the soldiers on the other side of the wall while they are being bombed by Zekes rocks. Eren tries to hold back Bertholt by grabbing his leg, but Bertholt flings him into the top of the wall, causing Eren to lie unconscious. The survey corps watched in horror as Eren lay unconscious and how they were being bombed by rocks. In that same moment the Armored titan had completely regenerated and was ready to fight. When all seems lost, Erwin had a final play; he would orchestrate a massive suicide charge at the ape titan as he bombed them. While they charge, Levi, being humanity's greatest soldier, would use 3D maneuvering gear to get around and kill the titans surrounding them, including the ape titan. Erwin announced this plan to the soldiers, and they reluctantly agreed, knowing that there is no other way to live. They charge and most of the soldiers, including Erwin, are directly hit and taken down. Some still remain, but are inevitably killed as well. As the ape titan rejoices victory, he noticed that all the titans on his right hand side have been slain. When the ape titan was speaking to Reiner before the assault, Reiner warned about Levi, and now the ape titan faced Levi. And he was no match for Levi. Levi tore the creature to shreds, revealing the human inside it. He stuck his blade straight through his face, making sure not to touch the nape and knowing that titans feel no pain. Levi looks around if anyone is alive to take the serum and eat Zeke. But, Levi was interrupted when Zeke’s abnormal scout titan ran on all fours and grabbed Zeke and ran away.  Levi proceeds to try to kill the rest of the titans that Zeke ordered to attack him. No man had ever been able to kill so many titans at a time. Meanwhile, Armin creates a plan to deal with the 2 other titans. He decides that he will take on Bertholt while the others will distract Reiner. Armin flies up to Eren and tells him that they need to see the ocean together. In secret, Armin whispers the plans to Eren's titan. As the colossal titan approaches the wall, he swings at Armin and Eren, but not before Eren's titan could fall to the ground. Armin doges the swing and attacked the colossal titan. The colossal titan let out a heat wave, basically burning Armin to a crisp. But this was all a distraction. The real plan was for Eren's hardened titan would just be a shell, while Eren got out. Before Bertholt could realize Armin's plan, Eren was slicing at Bertholt’s nape, eventually tearing Bertholt out and tossing him onto the nearest rooftop with a charred Armin next to him, lying unconscious, barely alive. In the distance, the colossal titan falls apart and disintegrated. Meanwhile, victory against Reiner was assured, until squad Levi realized they were out of lightning spears. Out of nowhere, Hanji, who was presumed dead, appeared and delivered the killing blow. Reiner flew right out of the Armored titans nape, and they quickly tied him up, waiting for Levi to chose a soldier to eat him. Eren was horrified. His oldest friend lay next to him, burned to a crisp. Levi arrived just in time, titan blood covering him head to toe. Eren demanded that the used the serum on Armin so that he would eat Bertholt, who was gagged. Levi agreed, but before he could administer the serum, a soldier who claimed that he was part of the suicide attack and he survived and found Erwin, who was hit, bleeding and unconscious, but alive. Levi was forced to save Armin or Erwin. At first, he was going for Erwin, but he realized that Erwin had already been through that hell, and that it would be cruel to bring him back. Next thing they knew, Armin was eating Bertholt. However, Zeke, who was riding on the back of his servant that ran on for legs, snatched Reiner before he could be eaten and made a hasty retreat to the other side of the wall. The battle was over. 2 hours later, Armin and Sasha, who was injured, woke up. He was told that he was transformed into a titan and ate Bertholt. He was also told that only 9 soldiers remain alive. Those 9 soldiers were the ones on the wall with him at the moment. Levi asked Eren if he still had the key. It was time to see the basement. Eren walked down the ruins of the streets that they grew up in. Then they saw their house. Where Eren was born, raised, and saw his mother die. They enter with care, and made their way to the basement. The door was locked, and the key did not fit it. Annoyed, Levi knocked the door down. They entered what looked to be a average doctors office. They began looking for anything that could help them. Levi noticed a locked drawer and told Eren to see if the key fit. It did, but it appeared empty. Levi said that it was a false drawer. He opened the trap door and saw 3 books: they opened the first one and were greeted with a painting of 3 people. But it could not have been a painting because it was much to detailed. On the back of the paper it read: “This was created using the reflection of light on a special material. It's called a photograph. I come from outside the walls, where life is harmonious for all humans. In reality, humans are not extinct at all.” They began to read the journal. It tells the story of Grisha and Faye Yeager. They grew up on an island country known as Eloisa. They knew the island that contained the walls as Paradi island. There were 2 kind of people in Elodia; Ymir Fritz’s ancestors (not the Ymir that is in the 104th) and the Mare. Ymir’s ancestors are the lower class. They wore armbands so they could be identified. The mare led Eloidia. Grisha was Yimirs ancestor. All of Yimirs people had to be taught their dark history as part of Mare law. According to Mare history, Yimir was the first titan, and she made a deal with the devil of the world to become one. It is said that she started a 100 year titan war with the titan clans and that she stole Elodia from the Mare and oppressed the citizens. But after finding out that the Mare government murdered his sister, he joined a revolution. They claimed that the land originally belonged to Ymir's people and was stolen by the Mare. They were country men. Peredi island was the home of the titan, it was where people where transformed into titans were exiled to. With the from of technology, Elodia considered invading Peridi. Peridi is where the royal blood fled during the great titan war. Their last message to Elodia was revealed by a mole in the government: it read “touch our walls, and millions of titans shall emerge from these walls and will trample this world. Later, the same source reveals ancient documents that said that Ymir used titans to build Elodia in the first place and the Mare stole it from the. The truth was revealed. Next year, Grisha had his first son with the last of the royal blood on Elodia. They named him Zeke. Later that year, the Mare government declared that they will be selecting children to be trained to be warriors. Only a few of these children will gain titan power and invade Paradi. When Zeke turned 5, he was enrolled with the mission to find out secrets about the Mare government and influltrate them. Instead, he was brainwashed and was selected to have the titan powers. He then ratted his parents out, and they were to become mindless titans that wander Paredi island…

TOO BE CONTINUED… When season 2 comes out...

Thank you all for reading, and I hope you are all as excited for season 2 as I am!

Also, I have made a video of me reading part 1, you can check it out here:

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