• PackioGalaxy

    Look you guys, it took 8 and a half volumes to make season 1 of A.O.T and so far there is only 13 volumes out total. So it's predictable that season 2 will come out in early or mid 2015. But most likely they will make it when vol. 14 and 15 comes out. So people need to stop asking when it will come out. There's a lot of better animes than A.O.T. I could name plenty like : One Piece, Sword Art Online, Magi, Fairy Tail, Hunter x Hunter, Irregular at magic highschool, No Game No life, Black Bullet, Kuroko no basket, Log Horizon, Hitman Reborn, Dragon ball z, Highschool DxD, code breaker, Norigami, Shaman King, and Infinite Stratos. This message was heavily intended for people who don't usually watch anime. So stop asking and be patient!

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