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  • I live in France
  • I was born on March 14
  • My occupation is entrepreneur
  • I am out of the box thinker and a dreamer.
  • Phil1403

    The chapter 76 is showing us how Eren with the help of the new weapon and his team is capable of winning over an armored titan. 

    This is an amazing feat.

    So how could the future look like ?

    Winning over the armored titan is a tremendous feature as such, especially after winning against the giant monster titan (the hidden king). If the survey Corp survive on this arc mission; which means 

    1 - come back alive; 2 - with Eren and his power; 3 - having been capable of evading or repelling a titan tribe leader.

    Then what next ? 

    Will they :

    Their next aim could be :

    1 - learn to control the mindless titans; 2 - use the titans control power to rebuild their defense and defend their land

    I mean, their ability to defend themselves will have grown tremendousl…

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