• Quna

    Mikasa and Levi

    July 28, 2017 by Quna

    No, I'm not shipping them. Just a few thoughts on what should happen to these two at some point.

    Two things, I think, are a must: 1. A conflict that will end with Levi resorting to some discipline training of Mikasa; 2. In general, Levi should train Mikasa.

    ATTENTION: This blog will have spoilers that the Manga readers know, so if you're only watching the Anime, be warned! Heavy spoilers!

    Even though Mikasa was graded as the perfect soldier by her mentors, we know that she's got a major flaw that couldn't be seen in the training, and that is her motivation for joining the military and priorities. She would throw the whole army to hell if Eren was in any way in danger. Several times she disobeyed direct orders and has acted recklessly, putting…

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