Recently I have discovered that two different indie videogame developers are creating actually TWO games based on Attack on Titan. We all know and we all have played the fantastic Attack on Titan: The Game from Feng, but these two new games (especially one) look like they are aiming to higher grounds. 

One of these two developers are Gear Gadget Studios. They have a trailer on Youtube. It is the only information that we have from their proyect, aside from the typical web pages that gives almost zero information.

I wanna focus on the other creator: Guedin13090. I think that these one is even more interesting that the first one: First, he is working alone. He is a single person that works on his proyect on his free time. And second, he is updating his progress and uploading it to Youtube from time to time. 

It is worth mentioning that both of them are using the new Unreal Engine 4., a royalty-free game engine developed by Epic Games, and probably one of the best so far.

Here you have a link to Guedin's channel(as long as I have put the link correctly xD)In there he uploads updates from time to time


Welcome to the hype train.

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