Forgive me if almost everybody knows about this, but I've found very little discussion of what I'm about to mention so I'll risk looking foolish. In the Japanese volume releases there's drawings on the inside covers that aren't in the English version. I'm not sure if it's on the dust jackets that many Janpanese mangas come with or if just the inside cover. Anyway, in one of the volumes, I think it's vol. 2, there's some old looking drawings (like something you'd see in an old or even ancient history book). It looks to depict Titans and humans, but from a long time ago. Scattered throughout the images are scratches that look kind of like Japanese/Chinese writing. Now I can't read either, but it's been figured out by those that can read Janpanese/Chinese that taken on its face it really just amounts to scribble. However, somebody or some people figured out that if you turn it upside down or something it becomes legible and it tells about the past regarding Titans and humans. The revelations are quite astounding and if you haven't seen this you need to look at it. It may getting you thinking in a lot different directions regarding the whole story, and about what's really going on. I've provided the link, but in a nutshell it talks of people fleeing to the "New World" and that the walls were already constructed when they got there! Here's the link...

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