Hi guys.Long time no see. Sorry for not being active for about 4 months. So... moving on to this the chapter. Well this time it was actually WOW! The chapter begins with Hanji entering Erwin's office and then she proceeds explaining her theory about Titan origins, after revealing to him what Eren recorded from hi dream about Bertholdt and Ymir talking. Apparently normal Titans eat humans hoping that the person they eat is actually a Titan Shifter and thus, gaining the ability to have access to their human forms. But, because of their low level intelligence they can't understand the difference between normal humans and titan morphing ones. That, also explains why Reiner was tossing Titans at Eren back in chapters 49-50, the titan shifter abilities can be passed down to someone else through eating this someone else the shifter. A soldier comes in and informs Erwin that the 1st Military Police wantshim to confront them about a ceratin murder, non other than Edward's ( Reeves) death. Before he leaves Erwin announces that Hanji will be the new Survey Corps Commander. He then confront the 1stMPB, who accuses SC of murder. Reeves wife and daughter are present and also accuse him. Erwin makes a tribute to the poor merchant and then he is taken by the MP. Moments after that Hanji finds Flegel and after a brief argument of perspectives she takes him with her, because with him the truth can be revealed. The scene switches again and shows Jean, Sasha, Connie, Armin and Mikasa . The first three are reluctant about having to kill people with Mikasa and Armin trying to make them listen to Commander Levi's orders. Levi then is seen alongside with Nifa talking about how their enemy's train of thought is just like his. He then tells her about the throatslasher Kaney and that he lived with him with his own rationale being inspired by Captain Ackerman's. Suddenly a person appears and shoots and Nifa. Levi dodges but Nifa gets shot and half of her face gets obliterated. The same happens with 2 other members of the SC. Then the figure is revealed to be Kaney who confronts Levi with the later drawing his sword against his mentor. Overall a great chapter with nice revelations, talking and action in the end. I look forward to the next one.

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