Hi guys!

Recently, i have been questioning myself about characters statistics. Seems to me that many of the stats are wrong. Do we actually have a source about them, or we actually put it random about what we believe? And even if we have ca source is this source valid? I don't think so. The greatest mistake in all this stats staff is it's climax: 1- 10. It is very limited and it forces many characters having equal stats with some other, while they should have more, but the limited climax doesn't allow them to. So i would like to suggest something: change the biggest mistake. And by that i mean changing the climax  from 1- 10 to 1- 20. Consider about it and met me know. Of course i want your opinion 1st because i don't want to proced in some rush action that could cause conflict and disaproving. Anyway if you agree let me know. I will also update my statistics templates based in my poor opinion in case anyone wants to get a few ideas about how the 1- 20 climax stats could be. But, plz, if you eventually proceed to that change let me know. I want to help as much as i can but i can't find anything to add, besides my really-boring-for-you-to-read ideas. I have a lot of studies these days, but i will do as much as i can. Hust let me know. Leave your comments and have fun answering!!!!!

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