so if you still dont know, mangastream just released chapter 1 of BTF, im going to try to review it, and i hope my bad english doesnt turn you off. and im going to rip off comicvines reviewing style because i like it.

The Good

i love the atmosphere this manga gives, it has this scary hopelessness theme in it, even more so than SNK, because you know that when a character faces a titan here they either get eaten or get brutally killed, you know because they cant kill titans now, so it has this survival horror feel that doesnt exist in snk, where if you face a titan you have to think of ways to run away from it unlike snk where they just transform into a titan to beat the shit out off it, or use the 3DGM to kill it. i somewhat like this because im a big fan of survival horror games like silent hill 4.

the story is starting good, we got to know a little about that woman who got crunched by the titan in the prologue chapter.

the artwork is fantastico!! the backgrounds, the city and the houses look so realistic, i especially loved that shot from above showing the wall of maria. as for the characters i think they're well designed aswell. and i really really want to see this artist draw more titans.

The Bad

while i did like the artwork, i really disliked the overuse of black shading on the characters, it kinda blurred them instead of giving a sense of realism.

the Verdict

Story: 5/5

Artwork: 4/5

Characters: 4/5

Overall: 4/5

Great chapter

P.S tell me what you think of my review and give your opinion about the manga in the comment section.

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