i don't do alot of blogs, mainly because i have nothing to talk about. but recently i had this thought in my head, when the group of police officers cought annie, what if one of them was witted, and noticed her taking the blade out of her ring, and was quick to somehow remove it from her hand.

now lets say they brought her to an interrogation room. she would have to be in a state where she can't injure her self in anyway. so torturing is out of the question. and removing that gag from her mouth to persuade her into talking isnt very smart aswell, because obviously she's going to bite her tongue, just enough to get herself to transform.

how are they going to get any info out of her? what, they're going to use that chinese water torture? she is just as useful as she is in that gaint crystal.

what do you guys think? and feel free to use the "what if..." idea in your blogs.

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