• Srchubz

    Board game in the making!

    January 6, 2014 by Srchubz

    So I was looking around for an Attack on Titan board game and it turns out that there isn't one (That I know of at least) and so I decided to make one myself. I haven't sculpted the models yet or buildings or done any of that. But I typed some things up and this is what I have so far!

    Main playable characters miniatures

    -Mikasa Ackerman
    --Reiner Braun
    ---Bertolt Hoover
    ----Annie Leonhart
    -----Eren Yeager
    ------Jean Kirstein
    -------Marco Bott
    --------Connie Springer
    ---------Sasha Blouse
    ----------Krista Lenz
    -----------Armin Arlert

    Titan miniatures

    -Colossus Titan 6,5/6
    --Armored Titan  6, 5/6
    ---Female Titan 6, 5/6
    ----Ape Titan 6, 4-6
    -----Hidden Titan 4, 3-6
    ------Sawney 2, 2-6
    -------Bean 2, 2-6
    --------Old Titan 2, 2-6


    - Only 1 character per person un…

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