So I was looking around for an Attack on Titan board game and it turns out that there isn't one (That I know of at least) and so I decided to make one myself. I haven't sculpted the models yet or buildings or done any of that. But I typed some things up and this is what I have so far!

Main playable characters miniatures

-Mikasa Ackerman
--Reiner Braun
---Bertolt Hoover
----Annie Leonhart
-----Eren Yeager
------Jean Kirstein
-------Marco Bott
--------Connie Springer
---------Sasha Blouse
----------Krista Lenz
-----------Armin Arlert

Titan miniatures

-Colossus Titan 6,5/6
--Armored Titan  6, 5/6
---Female Titan 6, 5/6
----Ape Titan 6, 4-6
-----Hidden Titan 4, 3-6
------Sawney 2, 2-6
-------Bean 2, 2-6
--------Old Titan 2, 2-6


- Only 1 character per person unless titans
- The numbers next to the Titans names are how many times you need to roll
and what you need to get on the roll (Ex: 6, 5/6   6= how many times you need to get X # and the 5/6 is the X #)
- Base to base contact, if a Titan rolls a 6 then the Titan eats you or throws you to the ground but if a character tries to
hit the titan to try and finish it off then you need to roll a 10 on a 10 sided die.
- Roll a ten sided die when using the "3D Maneuvering gear" to see how many inches you travel
- You can use the "3D Maneuvering gear" five times before you have to fill up the gas tanks and restock your blades
- Titans can normally walk 6 inches and if they are abnormal types then they can run/crawl 10 inches and lunge 12 inches
- If you save a citizen then you can't attack and you can only go 6 inches tops
- A round is when the characters and Titans move and attack
- Green flares are a sign to group up, a red flare means armored titan, female titan, or the colossus titan, and a black flare
means an abnormal type
- An armored Titan can smash into a wall if it has a character on the wall.
- Use a thumb tack or something of the sort to mark on a wall where you are either on a wall or a building
- Have fun!

Special Abilities

-Mikasa can use all of her strength to smash her blades into the ground and kill Titan if hit in the nape of the neck
-Eren can turn into a Titan only once for 5 rounds and will kill titans in one hit
-Marco can attract the Titans attention if its attention is on another character
-Sasha can eat a potato and travel 10 inches at least and can go up to 20 inches for 5 rounds
-Armin can dance and make the Titan laugh and distract it for 1 round so it can't move or attack
-Jean can cut off a Titans fingers if a character is in its grasp

Any advice or words of wisdom would be much appreciated! I will be posting images of the models, buildings, and more!

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