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    April 11, 2015 by T Makusu-Eru

    I'm starting to hate Snk.

    First Eren is a titan, then Annie, then the wall, Now christa. What the hell!?

    And i thought they were killing titans? Not each other? Why is that?

    AND I have had enough with the damn fanatics!

    I will party once it has been finished COMPLETELY!!!

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  • T Makusu-Eru

    Dead Characters

    December 18, 2014 by T Makusu-Eru

    I am now bothered enough to mention some deceased characters:

    Grisha Yeager

    Carla Yeager

    That guy that got crushed by a Boulder

    That other guy that got crushed by a Boulder

    All the People that died in ep1

    Hannes ????

    Those guys at the Gate in ep2

    Marco Bott

    Nanaba ????

    Ilse Langar

    That girl that looked like Armin

    Eren's Squad(Not Armin)


    That guy with the White headband

    The Guy that looks like Brock Lee from Naruto

    Those Guys Annie squashed in that village place





    Levi's Friends

    Many, Many Titans


    Pastor Nick

    Those people in the Church when Annie fell over

    Eren(For a Few Pages/Minutes)

    Santa Titan

    Connie's Family

    Everyone in Connie's Village

    Goggles Guy(Unnamed Survey Corps guy w/ goggles)

    The Riesse Family

    Everyone else who died whom i didn…

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