Umm, so this is my first page and its about a board game i'm developing, I think i'll call it humanity's counterattack...

it'll be about strategy and improving a colony and competing with other colonisations while fending off titans, the board will mainly consist of 13 colonies, one of them which is yours. You have to form allies and defeat other colonies while fending off titans, but there can only be one winner. As many as thirteen people can play,and i am thinking of making a rough draft to post up. meanwhile, the rules,

-You control Eren, Mikasa, Armin, Sasha, Reiner, Bertholt, Krista, Annie, Marco, Connie, Jean, Hanji and Levi each.

--You need resources such as stone, wood, gold and copper to build your colony...

---Titans will be fought with your soldiers, your civilians are unable to fight,so they are a hindrance as soldiers have to resue them.

----It takes five soldiers to kill a titan, 1 if officer, and two if infantry.Calvary cannot be harmed unless abnormal.

-----You are unable to attack unless a flare is sent up... red for titan, black for abnormal.

------To hire soldiers you need gold, more experienced soldiers need more gold to hire.

-------Gold can be replaced with copper, and 5 copper equals to one gold piece.

--------Eren can change into a titan, Mikasa can kill many titans, Armin has more resources, Sasha has more food supplies, Reiner is stronger, Bertholt can avoid combat, Krista can trade and negotiate, Annie is skilled, Marco can form alliances, and Connie and Jean are able to work as a team. As for Hanji, she has more titan research and Levi is skilled and strong, so he builds stuff fast.

---------It is sort of like Xcom enemy unknown and clash of clans rolled into one, and converted into board game form.What do you think?

Thats all for now, but remember this is only a rough draft! I'll be back to edit this!

~Terence Yeager

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