So, I'm just gonna add to the theories floating around. Who r the titans and where did they originate from? 

The obvious answer Hange herself gives is, Titans are humans. So somehow, kind of like zombies, the titan infection spread. My theory is that the Beast Titan looks like an ape to symbolically represent the fact that it is the ancestor of the humanoid looking titans.

Or Titans are humans who wanted power and corrupted their own body in their conquest. Since it is said that humans had greater tech before the arrival of titans, it is probable that titans are a frankenstein of modern tech. 

But Im gonna contradict myself, if according to someguy who said "We once had tech to blow the titans head away" in a chapter (forgot no.) Then shouldn't giants be pretty easy to defeat? 

Or maybe titans caused humans to be primitive and the government bans others from talking about going outside the wall as it would lose its power over them.

In fact I have a wilder theory here. What if titans were just a plot by the government to buildwalls and have the entire world under its control?

Just my thoughts. Pls give your thoughts too, tNx...

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