A while back I started (in my head) to refer to the Attack Titan by the nick name "Shin", drawn from its Japanese name Shingeki no Kyojin. I found it a bit amusing to refer to the Titan by a name that makes it seem more like a person and less like a weapon (which is essentially what it is). I haven't used the name in practice, since it'd probably confuse people, but I find it a lot more comfortable to work with than Attack Titan. Recently I was bored and decided to come up with nick names for all of the Nine Titans (excepting the one we have yet to see of course) based on their Japanese names.

Attack Titan: Shin, from Shingeki no Kyojin

Armoured Titan: Roi, from Yoroi no Kyojin

Female Titan: Meg, from Megata no Kyojin

Colossal Titan: Cho, from Cho ogata Kyojin

Beast Titan: Ono, from Kemono no Kyojin

Jaws: Agi, from Agito

Cartman: Sha, from Shariki

Founding Titan: Za, from Zahyo (coordinate) (plus it sounds like Tsar, which I felt was a nice little reference to its position as the supreme Titan)

tbh, creating nick names for Jaws and Cart was kinda pointless, since their names are already really short, and I doubt I'd ever really use em, but I was doing everyone else so I figured, why not?

What do people think? Are these any good?