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    Yeah, it's another Code Geass reference.

    As the months fly by, I find myself becoming less and less interested in chapter releases, which many people find weird considering I caught up to the series at Chapter 38. To be honest the only reason I read this was because I had nothing to entertain myself on a 4 hour bus ride (anyone who's tried to read manga in public knows my struggles) but wow, I'm glad I did read it.

    I'll keep this review nice and short, only because I couldn't be bothered to re-read it (pardon my laziness). The chapter was nice, it was basically giving humanities scum what they deserved. Though I did find it ironic how they "bluffed" that titans had breached Wall Rose(Rosa/Rosaline, I dunno. Fuck Kodansha) when there are actu…

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    Lol ->

    Hello my lovelies!! I've missed you all so very much, it's been soooo long. Anyway, the last time I made a blog I said that I'd see you next in a series discussion so here we are now. The question I'm asking you today is, what is your favorite 'OMG!! moment'? For those who don't know an 'OMG!! moment' is a moment in the series that basically left you shocked.

    Pretty simple right? Well for the sake of making things a tad harder, no deaths and Eren getting eaten does not count.

    For me it would be when Eren first used the Co-Ordinate. No it's not when we found out who the Colossal and Armored were, no it's not when we found out Ymir was a titan and no it's not when the Colossal appeared at Trost, I don't care what anyone else thinks but this…

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    Yes, it's a Code Geass reference.

    Hola strangers, been over 4 months since I last done a review here, longest hiatus yet. I'm glad to have come back on one of the most... boring chapters of Shingeki no Kyojin I have ever read.

    Although it wasn't as bad as 'Opening' or 'Children' and did progress the story in more ways than one, I found myself almost falling asleep at how slowly paced this chapter was. And I know what you're thinking "But XGlass, it's manga, you control the pace" and believe me when I say, that's a damn hard task when all you get is pieces of uninteresting exposition at you. I may just be speaking for myself when I say this but the only thing that remotely interests me about Historia as a character is the way she looks. So then …

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    Heya strangers, its been a while OwO, feels like its been years since I've last addressed you all via blog but I guess time on the internet moves faster than I expected. I would have had a review out for chapter 53 if there were not dozens of blogs and forums over the internet that had already beat me to it but if you wish to see a review here you are!

    Anyway! Judging from the blogs title you may already be able to guess what the discussion at hand is about. Your favorite death. As this is a dark shounen series where death is heavily apparent, I figured this would be a good topic to come back on. The death toll in Kyojin reaches well over 10 with notable deaths such as

    • Kalura
    • Mike
    • Marco
    • Hannes
    • Petra
    • Erd
    • Oluo
    • Gunther
    • Eld
    • Ilse
    • ...(many, many more)

    Now with…

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    Hai guys, I had things on my mind regarding the series and thought I might as well share them with you wonderful people that I know via the internet.

    Anyways, so chapter 50 just came out, go read my review and we learn about this "Co-ordinate", well, we haven't learnt about it, we just know that Eren has it. I think Grisha gave it to him. However, I really don't think anyone, excluding Bertholdt, Reiner, Ymir and Grisha, know about the ability itself. They may just see it as a fluke. This is the reason the time skip is needed. I believe the Ape Titan has it as well, its more than likely.

    Speaking of the Ape Titan, I just remembered its in Wall Rose, I believe this is the hell inside the wall Ymir was talking about, considering it may or may …

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