Heya guys, just a news related blog for the series itself.

Attack on Titan creator Hajime Isayama revealed that he aims to complete his manga in 20 book volumes. Isayama mentioned this during a discussion with fellow manga creator Hiroki Endo (All-Rounder Meguru, Eden - It's an Endless World!) that East Press published in the November issue of the martial arts magazine Gong Kakutogi on Monday. ( more).

If he does stick to this, this means the manga will end at volume 20 or 31. Meaning the series will end in about 36 chapters (given the fact that a volume of SnK usually has 4 chapters). So the series has about 3 years left. However if the series ends at 31 volumes this means the series has 80 more chapters to go. Meaning the series has about 6 years to go!!

That's about it from me. Tell me what you think of this news. It is ANN so it's most likely to be true. Sayonara!!

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