Yo guys, a little discussion from me regarding the recently scanlated Before the Fall chapter which is basically a prologue to the prequel and I'm sure if you've read the series Terra Formars (which I recommend to everyone here) that, the titan we see looks more like a Terra Formar.

Anyway, first thing that came to head, "Why can'r Isayama draw like this?" as much as I love SnK I have to admit that Isayama's drawing style is worse than most over mangaka's, granted I can't do any better, so I shouldn't be complaining but I'm sure some people agree with me. Oh, and if you haven't noticed, this isn't a review, cause there isn't much to review.

But in my opinion, the prequel looks promising, good art work, nice plot, a badass protagonist (from what I've heard about the Light Novel) and some weird ass Terra Formars, I mean... Titans. (... I now want to see a SnK x TF) But yeah, pretty solid start.

Tells me and the rest of the community what you thought in the comments. Have a nice day (anyone wanna make a page or... should I?)

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