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Hey all! Just my monthly chapter review that isn't really a review that most people don't read and the ones that do read just floor the comment section with things that bare no relevance to the chapter, right anime review?

Anyway, this chapter is like, living proof of the series title. Because this chapter is the build up to a Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan). We see characters that we haven't seen in forever, we see the Scouting Legion unite with the Military Police and the Stationary Guards and more importantly, we see...... JEAN! DUN DUN DUUUUUUUN! 

But in all seriousness, the chapter was great in terms of story progression and character interaction. Humanity is putting its strongest forces on the line just too catch the traitors and bring back Eren and Ymir. Dropping their differences and coming together to begin their Attack on Titan. And I'm really liking it. Hannes' interaction with Armin and Mikasa. Levi and his interaction with the garrison. It was all just terrific buildup. 

  • Story- 8
  • Characters - 7
  • Art- 7
  • Action- 6
  • Enjoyment - 8

Bringing the chapter score to a 7.20, which is a good chapter.

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