The Smiling Titan reaches for Eren and Mikasa

Hai guys. Wow, feels like forever since I've done a chapter review. Anyways. Isayama is back to his old self and by that, I mean, he's back to killing major characters off. RIP Hannes and the 10s of fodder who died in this chapter.

As it IS the 50th chapter, I'll try and make this review longer this will most likely fail . As the smiling titan stand before them, Eren and Mikasa can do nothing but look on in fear. Hannes comes to the rescue and says something that kind of made me laugh.

"Behold, as I kill the titan that ate your mother"- Well that failed didn't it?

While Hannes is being decimated, the rest of the Military are trying to stop Reiner from throwing titans, which, as you can tell, doesn't go very well. back to Eren, Hannes has been eaten, or at least most of him and Eren x Mikasa skyrockets. They share a really nice moment but the Eren gets angry.


And punched the smiling bastard. He then begins to shout at it and this triggers some random ass ability in which he can control titans with his voice, thus, the smiling bastard gets eaten alive by other titans. The military then begin to retreat and Historia and Ymir have a lesbian moment. Then Ymir goes after Reiner. Eren then starts shouting at Reiner and the titans begin to try and "eat" Reiner. The chapter then ends with Ymir ontop Reiner and a weird Hannes flashback.

Art was okay, story progression was very good. I enjoyed the chapter a lot. I couldn't give less of a shit about Hannes but R.I.P anyway. 8/10 for chapter.

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