Yes, it's a Code Geass reference.

Hola strangers, been over 4 months since I last done a review here, longest hiatus yet. I'm glad to have come back on one of the most... boring chapters of Shingeki no Kyojin I have ever read.

Although it wasn't as bad as 'Opening' or 'Children' and did progress the story in more ways than one, I found myself almost falling asleep at how slowly paced this chapter was. And I know what you're thinking "But XGlass, it's manga, you control the pace" and believe me when I say, that's a damn hard task when all you get is pieces of uninteresting exposition at you. I may just be speaking for myself when I say this but the only thing that remotely interests me about Historia as a character is the way she looks. So then I just started skimming through pages, if I missed anything important please refer me to the page number.

On another note, Levi and Mikasa using dem judo skills. Pretty entertaining to look at; Isayama has always been exceptionally skilled with hand-to-hand combat scenes and wow does he know how to show it off.

Sasha = Hawk Eye

After some conversations we find out that the Survey Corps is leading a rebellion against the king.... all we need is for Erwin to get Lelouch's Geass and we could have a really good turn of events.

Oh and before I leave is it me, or are titans becoming less apparent in the series. For me it just feels like humanity is just gonna start making mechs I kidd . I'd love to see the Evangelion Unit 02 vs the Colossal Titan.

5.65/10 for the chapter and I'll see you all in my next series discussion. Bai~!

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