Annie trips Eren during training

Yeah, it's another Code Geass reference.

As the months fly by, I find myself becoming less and less interested in chapter releases, which many people find weird considering I caught up to the series at Chapter 38. To be honest the only reason I read this was because I had nothing to entertain myself on a 4 hour bus ride (anyone who's tried to read manga in public knows my struggles) but wow, I'm glad I did read it.

I'll keep this review nice and short, only because I couldn't be bothered to re-read it (pardon my laziness). The chapter was nice, it was basically giving humanities scum what they deserved. Though I did find it ironic how they "bluffed" that titans had breached Wall Rose(Rosa/Rosaline, I dunno. Fuck Kodansha) when there are actually titans in Wall Rose. Erwin and Pixis still badass as usual, I still don't like Levi (bring on the hate) but overall it was a nice refreshing chapter (the art still throws me off though, I should get used to that one day).

7.5/10, so yeah, tell me your thoughts on Shingeki no Kyojin chapter 61. And yes I'm back, permanently (well till I get a full time job or die but that won't be for another decade or so).

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