Mikasa attacks Armored Titan

This image is so badass.

Just a little review from me, so ladies, gentlemen and others, Welcome to Mad Nation~

Sometimes after I've finished reading a chapter of Attack on Titan, I'm like: "Did I just read that?" and thats a good thing cause I means the chapter was good. However, this time I was like "The worlds over, I can't have just read that, its simply to awesome to exist." 

Yes, I LOVED this chapter. As the Scouting Legion have their own individual troubles with Berthold, whilst Eren and Reiner face off in an epic Titan vs Titan battle. 

I can't really talk about the amazing things cause thats too easy. So on to the negetives. 

We didn't see Eren get beat up which is a shame cause throught the series its seems Eren has had a plot armour, not once hav we actually worried about Eren dying mainly cause he is the main protagonist. I believe Reiner poses an actual threat to Eren unlike Annie and other crappy Titans. 

Lets it from me. 

What did you think of the chapter?

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