The Wall Titan

Whoop! Here lies the end of season 1 and was it a good one? Well... kinda. I know what you're thinking. "OMG, XGLASS DOESN'T LIKE THE ENDING! THAT TATSTELESS FUCKER!" Just so you know, I did like the ending and I enjoyed it very much, its just that, the ending left me with the feeling that there has to be a second season. But I'll go more into that later in the review. Oh if you're wondering were the image of the right came from, re-watch the ending credits.

LOL, that church scene had me laughing. Pastor Nick preying on the hopeless minds of all his followers and bam, heeeeeeeres Annie! Yes, the punch from last episode is shown again and Eren still looks like he is having a bloody asthma attack. We see some of the best animation anime has to offer and Eren vs Annie part two begins! Here is were the episode really started to bug me, anime watchers would find it great but if you read the manga, you should feel the way I did.

Eren and Annie really do start going at it and the fight is pretty even, couple of thows, punch, crystal punch, kick, crystal kick etc etc. What happens then is that Annie starts to literally beat the living crap out of Eren whilst she remembers what her father said and I was loving every second of it, it shows how in shounen, the main character SHOULD NOT always be the victor and that there will always be someone better than you. BUT NO! For some strange reason Araki decides to cut away from the manga and activate Eren's plot armour. What do I mean by this? Tetsuro Araki decides to pull a Hiro Mashima by having his main character develop a plot armour making Eren Jaeger become Natsu Dragneel. Yep, that's right, EREN'S ALL FIRED UP!

Couple more fighting happens and Annie tries to climb the wall. Unfortunately for her, she has a flaming lump of flesh trying to bit her leg off. She kicks him off and *cue superman music* Mikasa shows up and slices Annie's finger off. Annie then falls. That's right Annie.


Moving on, the Human Torch proceeds to try and fornicate Annie and returns the favour she gave to him, put blowing off her limps, with freaking punches. All of which I enjoyed. He gets mad as Eren does all the time and begins eating her. Acknowledging her defeat, Annie pulls her puppy dog face and distracts Eren long enough to wrap herself in crystal.

Now here is where they start trying to sink into the ending. Erwin is getting yelled out by what I presume to be the Government, he throws whatever they say back at him cause he is a badass. Meanwhile, Eren and Mikasa have their special moment as Jean and Armin walk to go God knows where. Eren starts munching on some food and Erwin continues being badass.

We get a typical voice over from Armin as the rest of the 104th Squad face a massive threat which will most likely be in the second season. We also see Annie underground with Levi and Hanji. Cue Great Escape by Cinema Staff accompanied by a few action shots through out the series and a few Japanese names here and there.

Then comes the cliff hanger. the piece of the wall that Annie was holding onto falls off the wall and we see this:

The Wall Titan

What looks like to be a colossal titan inside the wall. If I hadn't had seen this image beforehand, I probably would have missed it.

And it scores...

  • Story- 8/10 for its exposition and fighting sequences
  • Animation- Gets a 10/10 for its fluent action scenes and beautiful scenery
  • Sound- Gets a 10/10 for the amazing titan roars and believable acting, moreover, the amazing music
  • Direction- Gets a 7.5/10 for the plot armour and for the fact most people would have missed the cliff hanger
  • Enjoyment- Gets a 9/10 cause I freaking loved this episode.
  • Overall- Attack on Titan episode 25 gets an 8.9/10

Now, as to why I didn't really like the ending. If there is no second season, this is the worst type of ending for someone who doesn't like reading manga but is into the series a lot. Granted, so does any cliff hanger, however, the series left too many things open that can't just be left for interpretation, such as what's going on with Connie and co, Annie in the crystal and the freaking titan in the wall. So I give the ending a 7.5/10

Tell me what you thought of the series and the episode, bai!

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