Eren's remorse
Hiya people of the interwebs. I can't be bothered to make two separate blogs so here ya go a review of episode 22 and chapter 49.

Ep. 22 Review~ Sit the fuck down

I really enjoyed this episode of SnK, it may not have been the best episode the series has produced but it just shows us as viewers the burden that the Survey Corps must carry. 

So episode starts off with Levi and Mikasa cutting up the female titan.... well mainly Levi I don't actually think Mikasa touched her. Which doesn't do the manga justice, cause in the manga, both of them fucked her up. Moving on from that, the animation in this scene really stood out. With the blades of the 3DMG on some lightsaber shit.  After a few slices here and there Levi makes FT (female titan) sit the fuck down and slices her jaw getting Eren out of there, CAUSE WE ALL KNEW HE WASN'T DEAD! *wink,wink*

And then the rest of this episode is freaking depressing. Without going into too much detail... there is a guy named Dieter who screws the Recon Squad over by disobeying orders and going to get the corpse of his best friend leading about 4 titans over to the formation in the process. With me so far? Good. Levi then tells the carriage carrying the dead corpses to let the corpses go so they can stop the titans from coming after them. Ironically one of those corpses happens to be Petra's and Levi just look likes he wants to kill himself.

In short, the episode was really cool. The preview was a freaking tease though, its like they practically gave the FT's identity away. But aside from that, episode was good so 7/10.

Ch. 49 Review~ That smile

SPOILER: {{{1}}} No summary I'm getting really lazy. So I'mma just jump out and say, that smile is fucking creepy, this chapter has been better than the last few and the artwork is good.

Going into more discussion than a review. In all respect of people with down syndrome, I mean no offence when I say this but that titan at the end looks like it has down syndrome. And that smile, pisses me off. I kinda wanna see Eren just kick its ass but that won't happen cause apparently there is supposed to be a time skip soon (don't quote me on that) and fighting that titan will just lead to Eren getting taken again. But props to Armin and Irvin, I gotta admit, that was pretty smart. But holy crap. Irvin lost an arm! I guess this will become solid proof as to whether Irvin can shift or not. So leave me your thoughts on that. 7/10 for chapter. See ya. COMMENTS WILL MOST LIKELY CONTAIN SPOILERS... NO WAIT, THEY ALREADY DO CONTAIN SPOILERS!

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