Petra's death
SPOILER: {{{1}}}

Heya strangers, its been a while OwO, feels like its been years since I've last addressed you all via blog but I guess time on the internet moves faster than I expected. I would have had a review out for chapter 53 if there were not dozens of blogs and forums over the internet that had already beat me to it but if you wish to see a review here you are!

Anyway! Judging from the blogs title you may already be able to guess what the discussion at hand is about. Your favorite death. As this is a dark shounen series where death is heavily apparent, I figured this would be a good topic to come back on. The death toll in Kyojin reaches well over 10 with notable deaths such as

  • Kalura
  • Mike
  • Marco
  • Hannes
  • Petra
  • Erd
  • Oluo
  • Gunther
  • Eld
  • Ilse
  • ...(many, many more)

Now with so many deaths to think about choosing one becomes a really hard decision. Do you go for the tragic death of Kulura (Eren's Mother) or perhaps the mysterious death of Marco. So many to choose from but my favorite in all the series has to be...

Mike Zacharius in SNKG


For some of you Mike's death may be very forgettable and anti-climactic, although this is just a matter of opinion to me those people are dead wrong. The reason this is my favorite death in the series is because of how unexpected it was. Granted, it wasn't as unexpected as Hannes' or the original Special Operations Squad's death but unexpected it still was. With Mike shaking in fear as the cunning Ape Titan standing in front of him, speaking. The reveal of the first titan we've ever seen speak and what a way to reveal him. As the Titan decided that efforts to communicate with Mike are futile he instructs the other titans around him to finish Mike off (showing the first signs or what seems to be the first signs of the Co-Ordinate), the soldier second to only Levi begins to cry and beg for his life; only for the Ape Titan to walk off leaving behind one of my favorite quotes of the series "Oh, so we do speak the same language". Mike is then devoured quickly and so ends his life.

What a way to go out.

Anyway, leave your favorite death scene in the comments and tell me what you thought of Mike's death. Its a pleasure to be back and I look forward to editing with the community again. Sayonara ^^