Nifa's Death

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Hello my lovelies!! I've missed you all so very much, it's been soooo long. Anyway, the last time I made a blog I said that I'd see you next in a series discussion so here we are now. The question I'm asking you today is, what is your favorite 'OMG!! moment'? For those who don't know an 'OMG!! moment' is a moment in the series that basically left you shocked.

Pretty simple right? Well for the sake of making things a tad harder, no deaths and Eren getting eaten does not count.

For me it would be when Eren first used the Co-Ordinate. No it's not when we found out who the Colossal and Armored were, no it's not when we found out Ymir was a titan and no it's not when the Colossal appeared at Trost, I don't care what anyone else thinks but this moment left me staring at my computer screen manga volume for a good few minutes. I don't really know why though, I guess it was the fact everyone was about to die and all of a sudden all titans just charged at that Smiling bastard. Leaving me like.

Smiling Titan Close up

Welp, that's it from me, tell me what your favorite 'OMG!! moment' was and I shall see you all-