Beast Titan
Hai guys, I had things on my mind regarding the series and thought I might as well share them with you wonderful people that I know via the internet.

Anyways, so chapter 50 just came out, go read my review and we learn about this "Co-ordinate", well, we haven't learnt about it, we just know that Eren has it. I think Grisha gave it to him. However, I really don't think anyone, excluding Bertholdt, Reiner, Ymir and Grisha, know about the ability itself. They may just see it as a fluke. This is the reason the time skip is needed. I believe the Ape Titan has it as well, its more than likely.

Speaking of the Ape Titan, I just remembered its in Wall Rose, I believe this is the hell inside the wall Ymir was talking about, considering it may or may not have the ability to turn people into Titans. Whoo, climax approaching. Also, with the Titan's inside Wall Shina is there a possibility they may escape? Humanity is screwed. We saw that Annie clawing at the Wall left a hole meaning that the Wall Titans are most likely exposed to sunlight, of course this is only true if there are Titans in every wall. Anyway this is all I had on my mind. Leave your thoughts in the comments. Bai! See ya in Issue 02 of Community Newsletter!

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