• Xxkiiroxx

    The location of the walls (i.e. the country or region) is never revealed in the manga nor the anime of Shingeki no Kyojin. Many assume that it's somewhere in Western Europe, because of the characters' nationalities (German, English, French). However, using some easily-overlooked information from the manga, this can easily be ruled out.

    Again, like my typical theory posts, I'm not saying that the setting is definitely in America (for all we know Isayama never picked a location), I'm just putting together theories I found over the internet in one pretty post, because theories are FUN!

    Many maps of the three walls are extremely unproportionate--there's a huge amount of space between them--so the area bounded by Wall Maria is easily underestimat…

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  • Xxkiiroxx

    "Marco is Alive" Theory

    October 3, 2014 by Xxkiiroxx

    I've seen so many Marco-related theories on Shingeki no Kyojin tumblrs, and all of them are pretty interesting! I decided to write a really long post on observations/evidence from both sides of the theory. I'm not necessarily trying to prove whether Marco is alive or dead, I'm simply gathering observations made from a bunch of websites and putting them together so you can ponder over it too :)

    As shown by the images below from both the manga and the anime, Marco Bott and Samuel Linke-Jackson look extremely similar in facial structure, hair color, and hair style. Three key differences that will be discussed later, however, are eye color, freckles, and clothing.

    Yet another Marco look-alike is the Garrison soldier (image on right) who first app…

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