Greetings SnK Fans,

                 This is my first review to a SnK chapter, it will be a little bit long, I'm looking forward to point on the important things happened, also what is related from this chapter to the old ones ( Since Isayama began to reveal the Truth ERMAGERD THIS IS SO EXCITING ... ) anyway, the title of this chapter is "Pain", I couldn't take a long look at some pages since some scenes were really brutal so here we start : 
The future queen

REVIEW ----- Chapter starts with Pixis and Erwin having a conversation about their plan to take down the king, Pixis seems to be real worried about what's Erwin planning for, as if the plan failed he would be the first one to stand against him, Pixis tells him about the consquences that would happen if Erwin cut the king's head off , as The MP, The Monarchy and The aristocracy would unite against his revolution ... he's also claiming that the king is a symbol of prosperity from 2000 years (INCOMING THEORIES) and if he destroyed that symbol the humanity might fall forever, Erwin started to show Pixis his plan that he began to be very interested about, He's not going to use armed force or cause deaths until his  theory come true, he starts talking about his childhood and his father who was a history teacher and teaching him in same class, while explaining reasons of humans escaping to wall  young Erwin asked a question (which wasn't really mentioned ), his father stared at him for a moment and gave him an answer which didn't really convince him, but when they returned to their home, he began to give some real answers and explains his theory that there's no records by MP or governoment before humanity's escape to the wall, and other generations will be interested to leave for the outlands, and that line that was "humans became titans, and titans turn to walls"  Curiosity of Erwin then led the MP police (Sanesu and Ralph appear) when they heared him speaking to his comrades about what his father told him and since that his father was said to be died in an accident and Erwin believes he was killed by the MP, he claims that society of the humanity in walls was modified to be in a way that the king can rule it, he supports his theory by Eren's coordinate power, and Annie's scream to control titans -No its not a coordinate power-, claiming that there's a relation between humans and titans according to what happened in ragako village, and the coordinate ability might work on humans too, everything appears clear to Pixis why the MP wanted Eren in their hands, Erwin mentioned his meeting with the officials at the headquarters, as all they spoke about was the importance of protecting their own property and houses, he said their death wouldn't matter, Pixis was about speak when a soldier came with important message, the scene switches to the most terrifying part of the chapter ( even more terrifying than titans eating humans), Hanji and Levi were torturing Sanesu, taking out his fingernails without asking any questions, Sanesu's face seems in a REAL bad shape, Hanji tells him she would take off all his nails then ask him after that, scene switches to Eren, Mikasa and the rest who can't put up with Sanesu's voice screaming, Jean is really confused about who to fight humans or titans, Eren replies with his original quote about humanity and their mission, he mentioned the Coup d'etat they are planning for, Jean and Sasha are more worried, Armin as always comes with an idea but not brilliant this time as he suggests making some accidents and relating it to the MP and governoment causing the public to hate them, and considring Recon corps as their saviors, they make a serious look at Armin, his face sweats and claims it was a joke ( his face ... ), Jean mocking armin about that pervert from last chapter who might ruined his mind, Mikasa's only line in the chapter " I dont remember raising him like that " (rofl), Armin considers themselves criminals because they fight humans now and they are no longer good people, going back to torturing scene where Levi was like having enough of beating Sanesu, 10 of his teeth were pulled off and put on a plate, all his fingernails were take off (ugh...), Hanji asking him how many people he had tortured, he replies that he didnt count them, he gives credit to himself and MP as they saved humanity from and maintaing peace by killing a smart teacher (Erwin's father), and old man who tried to make a revolver ( Engineers and scientists ) , and two couple who tried to fly with air balloon ( probably Armin's parents ), and a whore from the farms in woods ( Historia's mother), he screams at them and demands their gratefulness, Levi breaks his nose, and starts interrogation about the reiss family identity, he denies their relation to royal family but Levi replies that they have relation to the appearance of titans inside walls, he was about to reply then Hanji pulled a tooth of his mouth, Hanji and Levi arguing and Sanesu got mad about their happiness with torturing him, claiming the titans are more merceful than them, he shows his pride about protecting the king, yet even after he Hanji and Levi take a break from him he shows the pride in his deepens of protecting the wall and the king, Ralph's voice awakens him, Ralph's began to confess ( saying what was shown in some kind of paper) and Ralph spoke loudly badly about Sanesu (so he can hear him) and how Sanesu was cares alot about the peace and the king, In the morning Hanji and Levi wake him up, Hanji is holding a tool in her hand which is used to "crush" male's organs  (God .... ),  he began to confess about what he knows, admitting that the Reiss family are the REAL ROYAL FAMILY, scene switches to Erwin's holding the message that has info. from Levi and Hanji about the real royal family, which is the real key factor in his plan, he's going to replace the king with one of The Reiss family which seems to be HISTORIA, the chapter ends with Historia holding a gun near her and staring at a window at the roof of the house.

Many characters are really changing since this chapter, especially Hanji and Armin, I'll never look back to Hanji same again after all that torture, and Armin who acts like Erwin's wannabe as if people's lives are no longer important for the sake of humanity, Historia is going to be the main female character in this arc, Eren's role seems unimportant in this arc.

THEORIES ----- BUT ! what I acquired from this chapter was the beginning of the answer for main foreshadowing, first of all, Pixis speaks about the bloodline of the royal family that was for 2000 YEARS, this is somehow related to the title of the first chapter of SnK "to you, 2000 years from now" is this is a title of a message sent from the anscestors of Reiss family to Historia and the humanity ?, also I have some doubts that Grisha Jaeger was taken away by MP, that stare that he gave to Eren in the first chapter when Eren told him about his interest to see what behind the walls, his job in the inner city might also be related to the king or maybe Reiss family.

To summarize all this : Erwin is doing the Coup d'etat, Pixis supporting him, Levi and Hanji are going to apply for their PhD in torturing at Guantanamo's bay, Armin needs a physcologist, Eren needs to learn better quotes from Mikasa, poor Sanesu, Historia  might be something bad with that gun.

My Rating for the chapter 6.20/10 , In my opinion he should really skip the torturing scene and focus on other characters, maybe goes further in Erwin's childhood that would be more useful for us as fans and the side story of Levi, some characters need better lines like Eren and Sasha.

Im sorry if there are some writing or grammar mistakes i didnt have enough time.

Cya all and thanks for reading :) ....

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