Hi there,

This is my first post so please be kind and sorry if I'm breaking any rules... :/ 

If you'll notice, and I'm sure someone must've by now, during the second ending in the anime of Shingeki no Koyjin, there are two particular images that caught my attention and may give us a hint about what was going on when titans first appeared, so I wanted to share my thoughts about them.

First image:

This might possibly hint as to how titans are placed inside the walls. Given the position the are in, it would seem to be that titans voluntarily placed themselves there, as if to protect people from something else. This would further contribute to the fact that its been stated before that walls were created before they were actually filled with people. Also, the fact that there is blood might indicate there was some sort of struggle during that time, not necessarily fighting titans, but perhaps humans fighting against each other?

Second image:

If my memory serves correctly, it was Pixis who said that humanity was once in some sort of big war or something like that. Is it possible that the titans appeared around that time? If we relate that to the fact that the titans appeared during that time and to the first image, it would appear very obvious that titans, the walls and all this mess, were all a consecuence of this huge conflict or whatever it was that was devastating humanity so much.

What do you guys think about this? What do you think these two images want to tell us?

Thank you in advanced for reading :)!

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