Hi everyone,

This is my second post and just wanted to share another thought with all of you that just came to me a couple of days ago regarding the objective that the king has: Capturing and eating Eren.

The whole idea behind this was based on the fact that Titan Abilities can be transfered if a Titan (or titan shifter while in "titan mode") eats a titan shifter. They then gain that specific ability which the titan shifter had when in "titan mode" as explained by Ymir to Bertholdt.

This obviously opened up a lot of questions such as "what would they need his Coordenate ability for?", "Who would be the titan to eat him?", "Where did the other titan shifters like RBA gain their abilities?" and the most discussed one "Was Grisha eaten by Eren in titan mode?".

Now, lets go back to the whole "Eat a titan shifter, regain human form" idea with a bit of historical facts.

So in the year 845 the colossal titan attacks, shinganshina falls, humanity abandons wall maria and Grisha is seen rushing back to Eren and Co. Some memories later, between 845-850, we see him injecting Eren with a serum and giving him the key to his secret basement.

This is when Eren presumably obtained his Titan abilities from and is suspected of having eaten Grisha. For some reason still unknown, he loses his memories at this time.

Here's what I don't understand (or has been poorly explained):

Year 850: Colossal titan attacks again. Eren, with the serum now in his system, and his comrades fight off the invading titans. During that battle, EREN IS EATEN by a titan: he loses an arm and a leg and is later swallowed by a titan. The titan, however, DOES NOT REGAIN HUMAN FORM.

So what does this mean? Did Eren's power first have to be "activated" before a titan can regain human form by eating him? Did he actually have to be chewed up before being swallowed? Did he have to be "digested" somehow for the titan to regain human form?

What's more, being severly hurt the first time didn't activate his titan shifting abilities despite having a clear objective in mind which was killing titans. This brings up the question: why didn't he transform during that moment?

I hope I'm not ruining the fun but I sure hope Isayama can clear this up :)

What do you all think?


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