• The Harsh Mistress of the City

Wilco (ヴィルコ Viruko?) was a soldier of the Garrison stationed in Quinta District. He appears in the light novel Attack on Titan: The Harsh Mistress of the City, Part 1.


Less than a day after the fall of Shiganshina District, Wilco is among the many Garrison soldiers of Quinta District evacuating the citizens to Wall Rose. When fellow recruit Rita Iglehaut loses her horse, he retrieves it and confronts the Titans as Rita rescues a girl in the midst of the broken convoy of civilian wagons. Upon receiving orders from their commander, they retreat to Quinta to give the order to seal the inner gate to prevent the Titans from entering.

When Wilco and Rita arrive at Quinta, Wilco gives the order to seal the gate as Rita attempts to convince the civilians to remain inside the district. Wilco attempts to use his vertical maneuvering equipment to maneuver above the panicked civilians to enter the district, but in the midst of the cannonfire from atop the Walls, debris from a destroyed building strikes his head, knocking him unconscious as he maneuvers and sending him crashing to the ground. He is dragged violently along the ground as the equipment continues to maneuver him forward, sending his mangled body crashing against the top of the gate and killing him.[1]