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Xavi Inocencio (シャビィ・イノセンシオ Shabī Inosenshio?) is the son of the late merchant, Dario Inocencio, and the older brother of Sharle.


Xavi Inocencio

A young Xavi

In his early teens, Xavi had short curly hair, and often had a smug grin on his face. He often wore a short white shirt with the collar popped, long trousers with a scarf as a belt, and tall boots. In his later teens, he became taller with a lean but strong physique, and his hair became straighter than it was as a child. He frequently maintained that same facial grin, irrespective of the circumstances. His hair also became much darker in color around the lower half of the back of his head.


Although highly talented and intelligent, he is a haughty and cruel bully who took pleasure from physically abusing Kuklo, and boasted about taking his right eye.[1] Xavi is manipulative of his peers, and is analytical of their weak traits which he can exploit to his advantage. He usually keeps a calm demeanor, believing that most things occurring around him are trivial. Xavi, however, thinks highly of his sister Sharle and shows care, implying that Xavi is still kind to his loved ones.


The Titan's Son arc

Since birth, nobleman Dario Inocencio has been training and preparing Xavi to lead the Military in the world behind the Walls, and when Xavi was in his early teens, in order to make him stronger, Dario buys Xavi a slave called Kuklo, whose mysterious birth from a corpse regurgitated by a Titan led people to assume was the "son" of a Titan.

Under his father's urging, a sadistic Xavi begins beating Kuklo daily, often searching for new ways to inflict as much pain on the boy as possible, in order to be seen as "growing stronger" against the Titans. To further humiliate Kuklo, Xavi frequently brings school friends with him to watch as he took on the "son of a Titan".

Xavi persists in this cruel behavior almost every day for the next 2 years, growing in confidence each time he did so. Unbeknownst to Xavi, his sister Sharle teaches Kuklo to speak, and tries to help Kuklo escape, but on the day of their planned escape, the Titan Cult attacks the Inocencio residence with their own plan to free Kuklo, intending to make him their leader.

The cult murders Xavi's father and tries to kill Sharle, but their path is blocked by Xavi, who is revealed to have killed dozens of the cultists, seeing their lives as worthless. Sharle and Kuklo are further horrified with Xavi's psychopathic behavior. When he sees Kuklo out of his cage, he makes the incorrect assumption that Kuklo has called the cultists to their house and is leading the assault, and he tries obsessively to kill Kuklo with his sword in spite of his sister's protest, with a crazed smile on his face as he does so.

Eventually, a still smiling Xavi strikes Kuklo in the face with his sword, cutting out Kuklo's eye. Kuklo fights back against Xavi with exceptional aggression by kneeing him in the head, knocking him unconscious. Kuklo and Sharle escape together.

Shiganshina arc

Xavi, out of vengeance, later gives false testimony to the military police that Kuklo led the assault and murdered his father. This leads to Kuklo being thrown out of the city and left for the Titans. Xavi then joins the Training Corps to further his military ambitions while simultaneously running his father's company from the sidelines.

Visit to the Industrial City arc

One year later, after passing every single course in the Training Corps with full marks, Xavi graduates from the corps 2 years early and is immediately recruited by Captain Gloria Bernhart of the Shiganshina division of the Military Police Brigade. Soon after, he has a meeting with his father's company director, Mr. Benke, to whom he gives a complete control of his father's company after hearing from Benke that rumors have been heard of his sister Sharle having been sighted in the Industrial City.

Not wanting to have Benke believe that his sister is hiding among filthy peasants, he tells Benke that it must have simply been a lookalike, and that Sharle is actually living at a boarding house. Xavi then discusses with his butler Rixner how he will get Sharle back, given that as a member of the Shiganshina Military Police, he has no jurisdiction in the Industrial City.

He considers sending a company employee to find Sharle, after which Rixner makes an as-yet-unknown suggestion to Xavi, causing Xavi to smile, and declare that Sharle's "eloping game" is over, and soon he would return her to him so that she could be of use to his plans.

Xavi later joins a Military Police operation to track down the escaped members of the Titan Cult, and out of both retaliation for what they did to his father, when he finds three of the cultists he taunts them before choosing to kill them with his sword rather than arrest them, defeating all three easily in combat. Xavi then turns his attention to their leader, whom he disarms and delivers to Gloria Bernhart. Much to the chagrin of Xavi's superiors, Bernhart gives Xavi free range to torture the leader as he saw fit.

The next day, after Xavi spends the night having fun by torturing the lead cultist, he is picked on by three jealous senior colleagues, all of whom are insulted at how much they keep being shown up by Xavi, a new guy who seems disinterested by his work, but whose skills and sadism have won him favor with the higher-ups. They then insist on "finishing his education" by beating Xavi to a pulp. However, Xavi easily defeats all three men, further humiliating them, before adding insult to their injury by saying "Thank you for your instruction" as he walks away.

Immediately afterward, Captain Bernhart invites Xavi into her office, where she informs him that he would not be punished, and that she recognizes and appreciates his attitude and skills. Gloria then informs Xavi of the fact that her uncle, Bauduin Bernhart, vice commander of the Military Police, is rivaled for the position of future MP Commander by Captain Dafner, and that she is to send Xavi to the Industrial City to act as her proxy, and also to conduct a "secret mission" for her.

Xavi accepts the mission, knowing full-well that he is being used as a pawn and that Bernhart has set another agent in place to assassinate him should he fail, because he has craved the ability to go to the Industrial City himself in order to find his sister. He then has Rixner specially modify his carriage so that he can sneak in an agent to find Sharle while he continues working on his "secret mission" for Bernhart, and upon arriving in the Industrial City, Xavi once again begins to smile, knowing full-well that he will soon be reunited with his sister, and that he now knows Gloria Bernhart's weaknesses, which he can use to manipulate her to his advantage.

People Killed

Failed attempts


  • Sharle Inocencio - Despite being siblings, the two of them have a rather distant relationship. When the Inocencios bought Kuklo, Xavi could not understand Sharle's point of view when she had empathy towards Kuklo. Even so, Xavi plays his part as Sharle's older brother well; when the Inocencio household was under attack by the Titan Cult and its members, Xavi did nothing but try to protect her.
  • Kuklo Munsell - Xavi was under control of Kuklo for the majority of his youth, and Xavi sadistically enjoyed beating him for the sake of his own entertainment. Xavi was responsible for disabling Kuklo's right eye, the former often bragging about it to his peers.
  • Gloria Bernhart - Gloria is Xavi's colleague and his higher-up in the Military Police Brigade. Although both of them act like they respect each other, by no means does that imply that the two trust each other. Xavi is wary of Gloria and her plans, all the while aware of her weaknesses that he is willing to exploit to his advantage if need be.
  • Cardina Baumeister - Xavi is an acquaintance of Cardina. The two had military training together and indirectly were familiar with each other due to their former family affiliation.


  • His surname is of Spanish origin and means "innocent", which is ironic considering his cruel personality.
  • His name is the Catalan form of "Xavier" or "Javier", a common Spanish name.