• Before the Fall manga

Xenophon Harkimo (ゼノフォン・ハルキモ Zenofon Harukimo?) is an inventor who manages a workshop in the Industrial City located within Wall Rose.[1]


Xenophon is a rather short man with messy white hair. He commonly wears an eyepiece over his right eye, which he uses to inspect both machines and people.


Due to his status as a workman and his achievements, Xenophon is a proud man. However, he is not arrogant in the slightest. Xenophon can be a little bit brash at times and has a hasty manner of speaking, even to newcomers.


After Kuklo was captured by the Military Police Brigade, Jorge Pikale arranged for Sharle Inocencio to stay with Xenophon in the Industrial City while Jorge worked to free Kuklo. After Jorge rescued Kuklo and Cardina Baumeister from being devoured by Titans, he smuggled the two boys into the Industrial City, where Xenophon agreed to take care of them until Jorge was able to confirm that they were no longer being hunted by the authorities.